Monday, December 24, 2012

Wait, How Cool is This?!

I am in Nazereth and Jerusalem for Christmas!  Seriously, can I mention it again???  heheh.  After 30 years of going to the Church Christmas Celebration and watching magnificent plays about the story of Christmas and Jesus's Life and all that jazz and here I am, In the place where it all took place!  WOW.  hehehe.  Yeah, it makes me laugh a little cause I am not that touched really, but, I can imagine many intensely involved Christians and Catholics would have a serious face melting experience by the thought of being here during this time.  I am really not sure much Christmas Cheer will be going on all around, probably sprinkles of it here and there, probably some super serious mass will be going on, I have no idea, I just know that I am here and when I think of it, it's pretty cool.  I would think that my friends and family in the states would think so at least.  

Anyways, as of now, we have only seen the small (extremely small, even by Israeli standards) street market in Nazareth, there is a nice big tree in the middle of the square which was cool, I also saw some lights on the street lamps, but we were there during the day.  I am intrigued and interested to find out what goes on here during Christmas.  We have such an elaborate Celebration in the USA, with all the lights and shopping and parties and shopping and dinners and shopping and then it comes and goes, but the season is so joyful and warm.  It's almost like the whole Hallmark thing did something really magical to the Season of Christmas and Hanukkah and New Years.  

Here in Israel, people keep on working, the children definitely party during Hanukkah, but, I did not feel that sense of the season that all that consumerism and Hallmarkism brings in the states.  It was sort of like a passing breath, you knew it was happening, all the signs were there that it was happening, but it naturally came and went without needing to much attention. hmmm

Anyways, this is my 5th year out of the USA for the holidays.  Maybe next year I will be inspired to go back.  But again, this year, I AM IN JERUSALEM and NAZARETH for CHRISTMAS!  WOW!! 

Big love and laughs!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In The Middle

Untitled Document

Here we are, in the middle of it all. Some would say tomorrow, December 21st, is the biggest day of it all, some say it is just another day, some are waiting for Christmas to arrive, some are ready for a New Year. I say, "I'm grateful for these eyes to see and this heart to love and this air to breath" and I got a Holiday Gratitude Song for ya!! Watch and Listen now at ….

Life is interesting, time is speeding up it seems, there is so much to do, so much to be a part of, which way will we go, where do we fit in. I find these days, that it is only in a deep space of gratitude that I truly find my connection to all of it and then these incredibly demanding urges to "Be a Part" of something subside and I gently realize, right here, right now, in this space of gratefulness, I am a part of the entirety, just like the great book I just finished "Discipline" by Paco Ahlgren states in the end, "I am everything, I am nothing."

That sums it up folks!

I wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons filled with Gratitude for all that You Are and all that Surrounds you, as it is … all …. YOU!

Here is the link again to the song ….

Please feel free to share what you are grateful for on that page.

Much love and blessings!


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love you MOM!

66 years ago today was the birth of Janet Lee Pohnke, my beloved mother :) Her open heart and mind gave me ability to explore the depths of my true nature and allowed me to explore what it is that I am here to do. She only suggested ways 
and never pushed me towards her own belief systems on how life should be or what I should do. She loved and nurtured me and those whom were around her. She was always the super cool mom that all my friends adored growing up. She made us laugh and she always made everyone around her loved, respected and just great. It has been 12 years since she left her body, but there has never been a day that I forget about the woman whom inspired me to BE all I can be, to live free and to SEE. Mom, I have taken all the residue of fear that lived in your system and transformed it into love, I have freed myself which i know also frees you. You did great Mom, the ABSOLUTE BEST you could have ever done and I am blessed to see how I can even make it better, you allowed for that higher guidance by not attempting to mold me in anyway. When I have a daughter, I hope you come back as her so I too can give you the gift you gave me and so that you can carry the learning of life beyond me, then I would be happy to come back as your son again (that is if I don't complete the cycles with this incarnation :) Mom, you live in my soul .... and .... one day .... I too .... will be coming home. I love you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How Do We Know

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How do we know it's 12-12-12. Well, it is 3am and I am about to meditate with people all over the globe via internet stream of my favorite Indian Love Facilitators, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Yesterday, I had a cell phone conversation (while driving home from the studio) from ISRAEL to CALIFORNIA with my aunt about LOVE, afterward I had European Blintzes with my Israeli Family. To make a long share short, the world has become this incredibly tiny ball of connectivity and whether we are doing it over the internet, doing over the phone or in person, WE ARE COMMUNICATING and SHARING CONSTANTLY, and with that communication comes information and awakening to what resonates in our hearts and with that awakening comes SELF LOVE and with that SELF LOVE comes UNIVERSAL LOVE, COMPASSION and CARING for all BEINGS. ahhhh exhale:)

12-12-12 along with 12-21-12 are only beginnings in my eyes, merely numbers, but, there is beauty in them and the beauty is the amount of positive energy that is flowing into the GATHERING around these numbers. Hundreds of thousands are meditating, playing music, talking and so on, and, that alone has the power to send huge waves. I feel that the candle has been lit in 2012 and now it is our responsibility to protect and nurture that light so that we can authentically GIVE it to the world. May I suggest that any apocalyptic thoughts be channeled into constructive action in cultivating your inner light. It just seems to easy to just call it quits. I say we find joy in the work of stripping away any conditioning that might make us feel separate from those around us. Find practices, books, workshops, relationships, ect that challenge you to LOOK IN THE MIRROR. May we find peace in our interactions and may we find LOVE at the root of our hearts. In the words of the song "BRAVE NEW WORLD", which was conceived exactly 4 YEARS AGO TODAY, "let's give our love, until the fear runs out …. the time is now! So come on angels, with open eyes, theres a Brave New World in the rising tide, so make up your mind, and we BETTER BELIEVE, we are the change."

Really, it is only a decision to believe in humanities ability to LOVE, but that belief must begin inside of us first. I believe it is possible!

If you need a daily booster then click the link below

And if you are interested in working with me personally, Send me a message by replying to this email and lets see how we can help each other become the people we deserve to be!

I wish you a happy journey and a wonderful transition ….

Love and Gratitude,

Daniel Tyler Pohnke

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ganapati and Me - A Love Story

When I began my travels in India, I noticed that almost every car, rickshaw, bike, bus, home, shop ect. had a statue, sticker, cloth or some form of material that was printed with elaborate images of a shiny elephant. When I came to find out more about this image, I learned that many people in the Hindu tradition look to this particular god for protection, success and any form of safety in travel or new journeys, hence seeing many of them on the front of motorcycles and car dashboards. So when I began my motorcycle journey in India, I followed suit and got myself a sticker that I placed on the front of my bike.

For the next year, I was placed in situations on and off the road that most people from back home in the USA would feel life threatening. Swerving people crossing the road at top speed, coming centimeters away from being swept off the road by cars, buses and lori's (the indian 18 wheeler). I was stranded in secluded areas where my bike would break down, I even had a few accidents while traveling. But here I am, in one piece and the most that ever happened was a small cut or a bruise. For some reason, I always felt guided and protected on the journey and felt more safe then most of the roads back in the USA. Now this could be for many reasons, due to the fact that I always feel guided and protected, but, when I first passed a real live elephant crossing the road and captured the wisdom and depth in the beings eyes, the strength and grace in its movements, I felt there had to be some connection, physically and spiritually, and that is what a lot of the Hindu tradition is about.

Then I arrived in Mumbai, a few days before this Ganesh Chaturthi festival that I mentioned above. Something was pulsing when I arrived and when it started, people came in hoards and sang GANAPATI BAPA MORIYA on the streets, played loud music, drummed the night aways and sang songs to idols of many sizes all with the elephant god shape. Each one was unique with different dress, expression and style, almost tailored to the family, usually a family of 70 + members, that was hosting it. I could not help but get involved.

A dear friend invited me to his home for the celebrations and even let me carry the idol home (which is a great honor in the tradition) which immediately got me in the spirit of the whole festival. The next I tailored some hindi words and made my own mantra for the season and began sharing it will people from all walks of life and it was a huge hit!!

So now, almost 4 years later we are here in Mumbai celebrating the festival again. Later today I will go to the beaches where the immersions began and sing the night away with all the devotees, smiling and relishing in the gratitude that I feel for my connection to this Hindu God and India itself. To me, all of this is part of the joy of life, finding something you believe in, devoting time, words of prayer and love to it. So whether it is a hindu god, a book, a song, a relationship or a garden, our devotion keeps us alive, feeling high inside and I thank India, Hinduism and Mumbai for keeping that wonderful spirit alive!

Ganapati Bapa …. Moriya!!!!

Enjoy the song and journey and thank you always for your support and love.

You can thank Julie Isaacs for this incredible dipiction of the journey through her real life artistic style.

Here are a few more links about Ganesh and the holiday if you are interested ….


Ganesh Chaturthi

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How Being Quoted Helps Release Ego - Driven Patterns

Are you being quoted?  Maybe it is time to start.

What do quotes do for us?  Most of the time, they inspire, intrigue or move us into action.  One quote resonating deep in the human heart can change the entire course of a life.  So, why aren't we all quoting ourselves.  I am sure each and everyday we say at least something worth sharing as a quote.  hmmmmmmm ……

So, Lately my wonderfully persistent partner has insisted on posting quotes of me on Facebook as she very logically puts it "The things you say inspire me and many others, so why not put them out?"  Now being the Mr. Cool guy I can sometimes be, attempting to be egotistically humble in many instances, I was completely resistant to the notion.  What will people think, "Who does he think he is?" "Guru Pohnke!"  I just say things that come to my heart and occasionally they come out inspiring and moving.  Everyone does this, so why do I need to be quoted? Then I started to dive deep into it and saw the potential to grow through this very process.  

My first step would be to let go of caring at all what other people think!  For every person out there that judges the fact that there are quotes of me lingering on Facebook, there are possibly 10 or more that got inspired or even an AH HA moment from the quote, much like what quotes have been doing for me in my life.  

The next step is to KNOW and HONOR that some incredible sayings COME THROUGH ME!!!  I have moved many people through the things that I say, so why not take it a step further and move some more.

The next step is that Words Create Reality.  We just released a song and a webpage about this very topic which you can check it out here.

The Final and MOST crucial step is to step back, away from the ME that we all believe is saying anything.  Away from the label of Daniel Tyler Pohnke into that empty, receptive place in which inspiring words have a chance to come through.  In this place, the I that is Daniel Tyler Pohnke becomes that which is manifested in every single being on Earth and beyond and what needs to be expressed in the particular moment comes through with effortless grace and ease.  Sometimes that is a brilliant quote, sometimes it is poetry and other times it might be just mere words, but words have the power to move worlds, so collecting the best of the best and putting it out into the world might be just what the world needs as well as giving us the chance to KNOW each and everyone of us has that seed of consciousness sprouting inside at all moments.  What seems to have happened is that many of us just have it covered up by layers of conditioned responses to situations, which cause us to use words that disempower ourselves.  

I say let's change the paradigm!  From now on, when something incredibly brilliant comes through you that you know just moved you or someone around you, write it down.  This will double the power of what you said subconsciously and consciously.  Then, have a nonjudgmental loved one (trusting you have one) post it on their Facebook wall, or make a picture quote like we all love these days.  Then watch as the world of delusion (usually our own minds first) attempts to rip away that brilliance by making fun of you and tearing you down, and in that moment, you will have an opportunity to evolve and what will probably happen is you will have more people actually responding positively to what has been quoted because that is the type of energy that you have put out.  And then will be the test, Can you stand behind the words that pull you and others up, you will you succumb to the low energy forces that attempt to pull you down?  

It will be and interesting journey, but indeed one that will bear incredible fruit, and one day, possibly one day, we will have a whole wall full of incredibly uplifting and inspiring quotes from new names that you have yet to know, but want to, then we can look at the whole Messiah mentality society makes up by putting a select few on a pedestal and KNOW deep in our hearts that WE are that great, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!  That is for a whole different post.  

Happy Quoting!

"I LOVE YOU" - Daniel Tyler Pohnke

Monday, September 3, 2012


This was written on May 24th, 2012 and I have been in the light now for long enough to post it :)

Sometimes I go through some incredible waves of semi-depressive states in which I will commence to sink myself even deeper by indulging in media that furthers ingrains fear and negative thoughts.  Today I am taking a strong hold to eradicate those things from my life, but, as with many things, I had to enjoy one last final ride.  Just like the night before I quit drinking, I got completely obliterated, and when I have my crazy "I am quitting sugar" phases I will eat a whole box of sweets.  I guess it is just the way I deal with things and today I am accepting that and moving on from the spiral of negativity that was recently activated by two sources, the Showtime TV show "Dexter" and the novel "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry First let me talk about Dexter.

"Dexter" is the biggest mind F@*@ of a show that I have seen in a long time. A quick description goes like this; the show is about a man whom from childhood needed to express his dark passenger through killing, so his father taught him to kill people that he must kill people that are killing other people for no reason.  Dexter has a code of conduct and morality and is charming and intelligent.   The show is completely addictive, adventurous, entertaining, smart, surprising, sexy, seductive and extremely dangerous to the sub conscious.  It is not a show that you come out feeling good. It is a show that, well I can imagine, is making people think in the ways of a serial killer.  MMMMM, such a novel topic at this time in humanity.  I can share from my own experience that this show lingers into my mind quite often when I was watching it.  I also remember having dreams of killing and actually enjoying it.  But I had to keep going with it, honestly, it was just soo good, but I needed the drug of Dexter out of my life, so I marothoned through it as quickly as possible and have now completely gotten it out of my life with no chance of return.  I pray that the damage is short lived as I continue to reverse the effects by streaming inspiring and uplifting content in on a daily basis.  I wanted to actually let go of the program around season 2, but, like many out there in the world, I was just hooked.  Let that be the last!!

"A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry focuses on every single negative aspect of the Indian culture that you could possibly gather into the extremely long 600 pages.   His writing method has the ability to hook you into a brighter day, having hope for the evil, compassion for the lonely and love for all, but all this only too slam you down into his "so-called" realities of everything ends bad.  I wonder sometimes if art like this is actually doing anything for the world.  Maybe it sparks someone to make a change, do something better or live a better life, but how many people does it spark the preconceived and long time conditioned notion that everything is the world is F@#$$% UP!  Well, like I have said, I put it down, left it behind along with that deep seated part of my life that is constantly yearning to sink into depression. 

I just had a conversation with a friends son whom told me that every girl he comes into contact with becomes depressed!  WOW, what is happening out there in the world.  Come on, lets wake up into the light.  I have been on the ACTIVE side of the spiritual path for more then 5 years now, an may I say active because I have always had the knowledge but never taken wholesome action, and I am still yearning after the darkness.  Is it so deeply engrained!  


Monday, August 20, 2012

Can Hugging Yourself Empower You?

Recently I have been taking session know as "Master Angel" Peace Work which is facilitated by a dear friend and soul traveler, Andrea Zellermayer.  Her incredibly insightful sessions have taken me to the root of many of the patterns that do not serve me in my life.

One of my favorite things that we have done has been to go back into the past and call in a specific incident in childhood in which I felt the particular pattern that we are working on.  Then, I go into that time and space as the man I am now and give the child guidance on what to do so that he will feel supported and empowered in his self,  a guidance in which I never received at that time and has shaped fear-based patterns in the present.

Well, as empowering as this very act is, today I went a step further at the end of the session and was asked to give myself and my childhood self a great big HUG!  Now I have never before in my life received a hug from myself, so the very notion was confusing and surreal all at the same time.  When I was finally able to focus in enough and do the deed, I, well, In all honesty and from the humblest place I could possibly say this, I was met with the most incredible hug I have ever received in my life!!!  So full of LOVE and COMPASSION, so devoted to the moment.  So, of course, a dose of instant doubt came in I immediately asked myself; Is that really what it feels like to hug me?  YES!!!!!!  YES!!!!  YES!!!! I SAY YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! 

Fully empowered by this incredible sensation and healing that I felt being hugged by me, I felt the child complete and the Man composed and centered.   I know from this day forth, that feeling will always stay with me.  And now when I am with friends and loved ones, working with underprivileged persons or just meeting someone new and the moment arises to hug, I know very well what kind of love and kindness I am expressing in the gesture and can be fully confident that it can brighten up even the darkest of days!

I am committed to hugging myself on a daily basis now.  I think you should try it too.

Thank you so much Andrea Zellermayer, this session has changed the course of this lifetime!  WOW!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Cure for Daily Mental and Physical Fatigue

How many times a day do you feel tired, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or a number of other emotions that might be keeping you from giving your highest self to the moment?

Well, I think I might have found the simplest and most profound cure.  WATER.

 A few of my mentors and heroes have been suggesting to me lately to drink a minimum of 6 liters of WATER a day to keep myself in an optimal state so that I can continue to SHARE THE LOVE!

So, i tried it.  And, WOW, it works.  

Most of time our heavy emotions are directly related to dehydration!  I have tried this lately and find that when I get out of sorts emotionally or physically, I can simply down a liter of water and come out the other side refreshed and chipped up again.

There are so many things in our world today that are zapping our bodies of hydration including the air we breath (air conditioning especially) the foods we eat and simply our lack to consume this essential potion as we are bombarded by alternatives that are not well suited for hydration. 

If you think about it, it makes complete sense.  Our bodies are composed of more then 60% water, so it would seem that if there was a lack of this in our system that the system would go into flight or fight and start sending off all kinds of mixed signals to the rest of the systems in the body.  

So, it is time to get hydrated, feel good and pee lots.  Many people don't drink enough water because they have a small bladder and they find themselves having to pee a lot.  I think it is a very small tradeoff to have an abundance of energy that comes with full hydration and also, that pee break might be just what you need to release stress, come up with a brilliant idea, or just to simply take a much needed break.  

One great way to tell if the body is hydrated is The color of the pee.  If it is anything other then clear, time to get some water into the system.

Here is a little week long test you can do for yourself.  Give your best effort to consume 4 to 8 litres of water (depending on your activity and weight) and gauge what are the results.  Make sure that is plain, clean and fresh pure water, not bubble drinks or sugar based juices. Now gauge,  Do you have more energy?  Do you have less Stress?  Are you happier?

Enquiring minds want to know!  hehe.

Here are a few pointers that you can follow on your way to optimal hydration.  

1.  When you wake in the morning - Drink 2 liters before breakfast
2. Drink another 2 to 3 liters throughout the day keeping mindful of your states and when you get tired, drink a liter before you lay down to rest and see if that helps. 
3. Do not drink a large amount of water before sleeping.  start to ween down a few hours before rest.
4.  When tired or irritable, before judging yourself or feeling bad, drink a liter of water and see if it changes.
5. Find duties during the day that you can connect the water intake to. (Like Yoga Practice, cooking, cleaning, writing, ect.) connecting it to an event that you do very often in the day will insure that you are getting all of your required litres down the hatchet!  


Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Happiness Generating Tool Box

Lately I have been getting many responses to the "High" video labeling me as the Happiness Guy.  As I am honored and blessed to receive such a label and know the video points towards that conclusion, I can tell you that this inner joy expressed is backed by extreme effort, awareness and incredible discipline.  

Look around the world as a whole, most of us are fighting for something, whether it is a cause or just plainly our survival, there seems to be some form of struggle and I know, at least from my experience, that any form of struggle, resistance or fight is not usually backed by a smiling face and the lightness of joy in the heart.  

I look around at the revolution uprising and wonder how many people out there marching for change have found the peace in their own heart that is required to make a lasting change, internally and ultimately externally.  Now I am not one to say that this is right and that is wrong, this is a very dynamic world we live in and we all are here starting our own revolution in every moment that we step out into the world.  The revolution that I like to stand for is the inner revolution, the one in which we find the depth of our inner happiness and we go out into the world and "Give Our Love Until The Fear Runs Out."  

Now, I am not saying that we should ONLY experience happiness in our lives, no no no, that would be extremely boring.  My deep rooted emotions are what make me a dynamic person and I would never give them up for the world.  I just feel there is a lack of true joy and an overabundance of stress and resistance, so, time to tip the scales and do a little balancing act. 

So how to create lasting happiness in life?  Well, funny enough, it is a moment to moment choice.  Every morning when we wake up we get a knock at our minds door that says, "Hello, I am happiness, I here to hang hang out if you will only let me into your life."  And usually, within the first few hours or even moments in my case, the demands of our life, our mission, our OUTER stresses close that door and we somehow think we have found our home in stress.  So we talk about it, release it in healthy and unhealthy ways, and have a few fleeting moments of joy that come and go based on some outer world circumstance that triggers some connection that we have made to a joyful experience of the past or some projected joy we foresee in the future.  

Well, what if, just what if, we could simply be present in this moment and be completely submerged in HAPPiness.  Well, to start, we are going to need a Happiness Generating Toolbox, so in those times of stress and resistance, which come quite often, we can look in our box and pull out the most suitable tool (action or Nonaction) to bring us complete happiness so that we can go back into the PLAYGROUND we call life and be JOYfull about the experience.  So, if you want to experience more joy in your life, then here is my offering of tools to achieve just that.  

This is what makes up MY Happiness Generating Toolbox:

Become Aware of the sensations in the body (my favorite - can use anytime, anywhere and will bring a deep sense of joy - you might want to do a Vipassana Course or some other course like it to establish this sensitivity, but once it is there, it never leaves)

Become Grateful (I have started a group on Facebook entitled Gratitude 365 where you can visit, post and read about gratitude, it may be a nice place to start)

Jump up and Down While Looking to the sky and smiling  - If you don't feel joy doing this then might as well call it quits!  This brings up so many happy emotions from childhood, concerts from youth and moments of dance, sure fire bliss!)

Meditate - when I simply follow my breath in and out for a few minutes, it brings joy back to the present moment in which our nature of joy and happiness already exist.

Go For a Walk In Nature - Connecting with nature always has a lasting effect on our state of mind.

Music - Give in. My Latest Favs include Matt Kearny, Of Monsters and Men and yes, Full Moon Rising :)

Watch a Comedian - Give in.  Actually Comedians saved my life from Depression in 2006 and there have been countless stories of people whom have saved themselves from various diseases by simply putting on some comedy and laughing.  And FUNNY enough, I think most comedians comedy is what saves their life.

LIsten to  Favorite Spiritual Speaker - Something always triggers inspiration and joy in me.  My favorites are Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, David Deida, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Osho and the list goes on and on - these people are quite the comedians as well.

Get Lost in a Book - Taking our mind off the stress for a few moments gives some perspective and allows the mind to get creative again which always brings happiness.

Take a Deep Breath and Hold it as Long as I Can - be careful, you might burst into laughter filled with tears when the light headedness begins to creep! :)

Laugh - :)

Go Vert - A headstand or some way of getting fresh new blood rising to the head always brings a sense of freshness and joy.

Sun Salutations -  Surya Namaskar - if you don't know what that is, just ask a anyone on the street, most people nowadays know it, google it, take a yoga class, this 12 step Yogic Posturing brings blood soaring through the veins and leaves you filled up with Love, peace and yes, happiness!

This Too Shall Pass - Remembering these words occasionally works, not active enough for me, but sparks good thoughts, but mostly that is the memory of a great friend whom used to say this too me all the time.

Don't Take Myself so DAMN SERIOUSLY - This usually bubbles me up with a smile

Be Around a Child -  I dare you to attempt not to smile in this scenario! :)

Call a Good Friend and LISTEN -  Sometimes a simple act of kindness, service or being there for someone you love will give such a deep sense of joy that all the world becomes like a happy pot of bliss for hours after the interaction.  This can be coupled with helping someone in the market, a person in need on the side of the road or any number of kind acts that we have opportunities to do at many moments of the day.  Get out of yourself and get into happiness.

Sing - Even if you think you cannot sing, it will make you laugh and if you think you can, then it will just make you peaceful and full of bliss.

Cold Showers - Here in the East, where I currently live, this is a major tool for lasting joy.  It has the ability to raise every happy cell in the body!

Exercise - If you have ever done it, well, you know!

Watch a TED Talk - Inspiration = JOY

Yell - This one could have reverse effects, but has worked at times in the past.

Do Something Crazy - Again, could have opposite effect depending, but most of the time worth the risk, one of my favorites to break a stressful pattern is to just spontaneously dance wherever you are. You could even do the "High" dance if you like!

Get a Message - Well, Yeah!!

Send a Positive Email Thanking Someone Daily - mmmmm, always works.

So, there you go, my list of favorites, some are obvious, others are more obvious and others are duh, but life is about repetition, and just by reading this I trust that something may have sparked to take a bit of action and cultivate a little more HAPPY HAPPY in the days, we all need it, need to share it, and need to feel it, it is our nature, just check out some childhood picts. :)

Please take a moment and share what makes you happy.  This Toolbox is not even partially full, I intend to fill it with more and more goodness as the days go on, because, truly, I love being Happy, in a happy state and sharing that TRUE happiness with others, if lifts me up, fulfills me and makes me HAPPY to be alive.  

I wish you all the happiness you could ever dream of enjoying and am HAPPY if this post served you in any way.

With love and gratitude


Monday, July 2, 2012

My Recent Mission Statement Using Songs I Recently Wrote

Hello Creator - I - YOU - WE - ONE!

I am "Ready to Love".  From this moment forth I am here to show up for the greatest good of what I am here to "Give - LOVE".  I say YES and break through the pain of "I Don't Know", KNOWing that the perfection I seek on the outside is reflected only when I am in great LOVE with "I" which is "YOU" and everything that exists in the perfect harmonious flow we call life. I experience the "Cries of Life", but I am "Walking Through the Changes" with the mindset of "Why the Worry" as I see time is only in the mind so I  breath through the challenges that my patterns create, KNOWing that with no patterns there are no obstacles but only opportunities.  I am "Transforming This Rage" and getting "High" off of the inner journey, no longer "Searching" for the truth, it is already here as is the abundance I seek.  My life is a "Wonderful Invention" in which I have already "Sold My Soul" to the greatest good of all, in Service I KNOW  I am here to facilitate, in my own special way, a "Brave New World - The Time is NOW!" 

For more music and love visit

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Story of "High"


It was in one of the weakest moments in my life that the melody of this "High" vibrational offering came through me.  Here is the album insert text…..

"3 years, 10,000 miles and 5,400 meters above the substance based life I lived in the not-so distant past, I found myself sluggishly pulling myself over the final pass on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.  It was in these moments that the melody of “High” came to me like a welcomed friend, there to aid in my completion of the circuit. The lyrics came as a reminder of all the blissful experiences of deep meditation that lifted me to great heights since I had given up drugs and alcohol on my 30th birthday."

But there is much more then that to tell in this story.  This song lifted me up!  Brought me back to LIFE in many ways, musically and actually.  It was a gift. This song was a pivotal moment in my life.  

Musically, I knew it was a hit immediately.  It was the first real CATCHY melody that I had ever wrote and there was just something about it even before I wrote the lyrics.  So when the lyrics began to come, I found them reflecting the inner peace that comes from meditation and I was lifted to great heights, emotional, physically, spiritually, mentally and actually.  This song shed light on a LIFE PATH and on a deep knowing that NO MATTER WHAT, I always have the ability to go inside and feel blissful and alive.   

I began to share it and found it having a similar effect on those around me.  It was the highlight of concerts and gatherings and then when we went into the studio, which summed up went something like this …..

"Young and upcoming producer Joseph E-Shine came into the production of high shortly after finding his path in yoga and meditation.  Much to our surprise, the confident 21 year-old came into the studio and, with determination and focus, knocked out our first single in just under 8 hours. Much to his surprise, I nailed the lead vocals in 1 take, Twice. "

I knew this song, this message, this energy, this joy, this vibration was meant to be NOW!

So what to do for the video? OK, let's create a dance out of it we thought, lets get some flashmob action going.  Lets put as much fun and light behind this message as possible, because that is what the world NEEDS!  LIGHT!!!  There is so much heaviness around reflected in our daily lives.  This LIGHT, that we all have access to INSIDE is what I see to be the thread of of our lives, and if this video can trigger ANYONE to take that look, even for a moment …. well …. SUCCESS!!!  And I also believe that a SMILE is our greatest currency.

Why are we going for 1 Million here in such a short time?  Why?  Because!  Life is a game and I am here to PLAY it!  Yeah, this isn't a video of a talking cat or a stoned rainbow man, but it is one that will put a smile on your face, a bounce in your step and maybe, just maybe, make you look inside and sing ba-pa-dap-ba-dap yourself, bringing the seriousness of everyday life to that light inner joy that is accessible in every moment, INSIDE!  Let's bring that love to the forefront of the online video charade.

And speaking of INSIDE, This Love has been actualized in collaboration with many people, most importantly, the devotion, encouragement and steady stream of love and commitment from my dear partner Mai Segev.  She made the final decision on the production direction in the studio, produced the music video and has believed in "High" from the very first moment it touched her heart!

THANK YOU for sharing and for daring to look inside.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Natural Persuasion

I just finished watching a highly sensitive and genuinely insight PBS special "The Persuaders" (Please Watch) on the persuasive mechanisms of the Marketing and Advertising Industry and how they are increasingly getting more and more hungry to connect to the consumer at an emotional level.  I think the ending statement sums up the bottom line of the whole message, "the secret of all persuasion is to induce the person to persuade themselves."  I immediately got stars in my eyes of how these manipulative process is now being used for good.  

On the first watch, I find myself despondent and thoroughly disgusted by the whole matter, but, in the same breath, equally intrigued.  I ask myself questions like, "How can we use these techniques to get the messages of inner peace and self-transformation to the masses?"  or "How can we find ways to persuade the consumer to buy into their own liberation and out of materialization?"  

I am quickly met by the past reality of the enormous budgets that are put into the constant battle for consumer attention.  The professional research that is done to insure that the consumer is reached on a multi-sensory level as well as the teams of people that stand behind these creative sub-cultures of illusion.  

But now the times have changed!!  And this is where we can bank on the enormous possibility of a massive shift in human consciousness by naturally being ourselves, which is by far the greatest advertising tool out there.  

With the extensive amount of ADS clogging our minds at every corner, nobody is standing out anymore.  And what is amazing is that, because nobody is standing out, they are having to go person to person to achieve their advertising success.  AHA!!!

This is where all of us transformative light seeking conscious revolutionaries come in.

Let me make one thing clear, we are a different kind of revolutionary.  We are not the ones that stand in the streets and spout our philosophies and beliefs.  No NO.  We are the ones that have committed to doing what it takes to break through dysfunctional belief systems, through patterns that do not serve us, through limiting beliefs into the life of our dreams, interconnected, respected and liberated from fear and doubt.  What an amazing time!

So back to my point, I believe in the changing tide of advertising, we can easily shift the illusion into one of transformation.  I believe we can persuade people to learn more about themselves naturally using the same techniques.  How will we get the budgets?  We are the budgets.  We are the persuasion.  It is in our day to day life and interactions is where the real advertising comes from.  We stand for a better world and that touches the hearts and souls of everyone we come into contact with.  

So the next question comes from the spiritual entrepreneurs, "How do I meet my Monetary Needs with this philosophy?"  "Don't I need to advertise something that will bring me profit?"  Good good question.   A simple answer comes.  Listen to your heart.  Create the products and life that is most reflective and authentic to your journey.  Share it with everyone you meet.  Price yourself HIGH, believe in whatever you do and you will be amazed, no matter what it is that you do, how much abundance will come in.  And, all in all, you didn't have to persuade anyone, you just were being YOURSELF and that just changed a consumer into a transformer.  mmmmmmm

Please comment, I would love your feedback and take on this matter!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Killed a Lizard and Transcended Today's Fast Paced Times

The other day I was happily troding along  on my Blue Bullet Love Machine, smiling bright, enjoying the breeze, swerving, swaying and then suddenly I saw right in front of me the most beautiful creature moving at a snails pace.  He was large, scaly and in his final moments, he looked up at me.  My body and mind did not react fast enough in the few milliseconds I had to swerve my monster of progress out of the way in order for the multi-colored amphibian to happily trot about his days, and then it was over.  The lizard left squashed on the road and me, left pondering this fast-paced world.  WHY. Why are we constantly moving faster and what we we rushing to do.  As if the notion of infinite time and space has done nothing for the collective consciousness.  Here we are, creating faster cars, faster trains, faster planes, we are building faster, talking faster, thinking faster, worrying faster, killing ourselves faster and we truly have no reason why, it is just what everyone is doing.  It is the status quo to feel like your life is moving as fast as possible toward the end.  Hmmm.  I cannot say that I don't enjoy the pleasures of a fast paced world, high speed internet, tons of connectivity, a fast bike, the ability to travel anywhere and create high quality products in the blink of an eye.  But from this experience I have had to take a look in and see where all of that desire and progression is getting ME, US, the WORLD.  well, I have to say NO PLACE FAST.  

About 2 years ago I spent almost 30 days walking through the himalayan mountains in Nepal.  During that time I have never felt so completely alive, ever.  my steps were harmonious to the rhythms of the earth, I was greeted by the trees, smiled at by the plants and from the insects to the animals there was a revery for one another.  We were all enjoying nature and all of creation together.  Yes, my food would be cooked for me in makeshift houses and served up on a plate and the animals and insects had to work a bit harder (I am not sure of that really as they do not have the mental aspect of lack so they are just naturally driven to seek out food) anyways, even in those make shift houses I was treated like family.  My days were full, complete and my connection deep.  And, it got me into a mindset of the Walking Man.  There is such complete joy in taking it slow, observing the little things and being able to stop OFTEN and smell the flowers.  I had lost a bit of that when I decided to actively pursue my music offering, but this simple interaction with the Lizard brought it all back.  So, here I am again, adopting a way of life into my mind to see how it works.  I am going to live in the paradigm of the walking man.  I harmony with the earth in all my steps gracefully lighting up the day.  Yeah, the probably does not mean that I am going to give up my fast-paced modes of transportation and the life of a man traveling all over the world, but it does mean that I will tread lightly and have the awareness, slow-down my breath to that of a walking man, take deep breaths and stopping often to smell the flowers and someday when I am ready, I will probably spend many of  my days walking.  I already have a plan actually. 

As for the lizard, well, I am sure his service to my mind has transcended him to altered states of reality.  His next incarnation might just so be an enlightened master, as he/she just enlightened me.  Grateful!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blast Back in Time - Berlin, Germany - August 1st 2011 - Yesterday Under the Bridge

After a quite somber day filled with mind activity and not much action in the guitar case I decided to let go for the last 2 songs.  As I have learned after about 20 or more sessions on the street, that when I get out of the way and just let myself relax into the music, people start to gather around.  It is really amazing!  So, let me paint the picture.

The police vehicle was parked behind me.  I have now only had one run-in with the police since I have been out on alexander platz, and that was around 2 weeks ago, so, I am feeling fairly free in my expression at this point.  So, I bring the vibes of the music down and relax into the real emotions that I am experiencing at the moment.  I had just come out of a meeting with my partner and it was full of emotion to say the least, so, I just want to sing about that.  So I dive in.

Within the first minute of "Decisions" a song based on the power and challenge of making a clear decision, I had an crowd of nearly 50 people starting to gather around, which included a drunk man and a man connected to a wheelchair with a breathing devise in his nostrils.  Now, mind you, they are my BEST audience, excluding the small children whom always understand what I am doing.  So, I continue to sing to them and they increasingly become elated as I can feel the energy exchange between.  But I haven't fully let go.  The police are still inside and what will they do when they come out.  Will they stop me?  Will they get upset? 

This is what they did.  About 1 minute into my last song "Why the Worry" the police came out of the building and walked past me. Much to my surprise they gave me the thumbs up and then I really let go.  I sang out every part of my soul for the now 75 + audience that had gathered.  I screamed out "Why the worry, theres no time" and when I finally brought the song back down, opened my eyes, I looked out into a sea of faces that did not know whether to cry, laugh, jump up and down or just gather in a group hug.  The drunk man was crying hysterically (the second man to cry in the last week) and the young man in the wheelchair practically jumped out of it for joy!  The scattered confused applause lifted me out of my chair straight into the arms of the crying drunk whom I lavished with heart filled love and then moved on to the man in the wheelchair whom I showered with kisses and was met with an uproar of applause from the audience.  The police behind me had trouble looking me in the eyes as they jumped in the vehicle and made their way off to the next possible trouble, for they had NONE here.

Each day out on these streets I locate a deeper part of me.  A place that I can only find when I let the chaos of society subside and share my gift, my emotion and my courage to stand strong in the face of all adversity.  I am grateful for each new days lessons and while I am here in Berlin, I will continue to give it up and receive the monatary benefits that these daily performances bring.  Thank you God from bringing us here.  It has been and continues to be quite a journey!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Notes about Wayne Dyer's Movie "The Shift"

Please, EVERYONE, take a few hours of your life for an extremely important film.

I have always loved Wayne Dyers work and appreciated the way wisdom moves through him but after viewing his 2009 Movie release "The Shift" I have reached a whole new level of respect and love.  

First of all I want to thank Hay House for sending me the DVD "FREE OF COST" to India.  It was a gesture above and beyond what I expected simply because my online stream of the movie was not working. 

I want to look at the exterior of the movie first and get that out of the way quickly.   The cinematography is WOW and the acting is great! compared to most movies of this caliber in which the acting could be compared to a b rated soft porn film.  I was blown away by it's tastefulness as a visual stunning and well acted film.

Now to the juicy stuff, the interior.  Dyer has an amazing way of delivering his message which has a profound way to instill peace of mind in your heart and soul.  I would say all and all, this movie is about FAITH and getting out of the way, as in recovery they say "Let Go and Let God."   Not in a way that is complacent or inactive, but a place that is full of inspiration and connection. The movie touches on various Religious Pathways by triggering our innate desire to stay in tune to that source that is guiding the ship of our lives.  The film is done in a way that serves to be relatable to people from all walks of life.  You have the rich asshole, the overworked housewife the stressed out up and comer, the wise servant janitor (surprise) and the calm awakened singer whom left his hustle and bustle to follow his heart.  The show goes on and we watch these people have their subtle "Shifts."  There is no over the top AH HA moments or major Unbelievable happenings of life changing circumstances, we just get to view various people interacting with Spiritual Leaders (outspoken and subtle) and with each other and how that effects their life, all while enjoying the stream of wisdom that naturally pours through Wayne Dyer.  I could go further into the reflections of consciousness that this film moves through but my intention with this writing is to ask everyone to give it attention and highly fascinating spiritual blabber could possibly negate that intention.  

I have to say this movie EXCITES me beyond belief.  To see something that is so accessible to all walks of life.  It moved me!  I truly have felt a SHIFT in my consciousness just from watching it, and I have been on the move with this type of work for a long time.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it will do for those on the brink of their own AWAKENING!  

Shine on DYER and everyone involved in this production!  1000s of thumbs up and may this reach the hearts of the masses. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A nice post about Los Angeles by Derek Sivers and my response

First of all Read this post from Derek Sivers on LA, he has a nice outlook ....

Then this was my response as I spent most of my life there.

Nice one Derek!

I have a few things to add as I spent about 15 years in the city and was born just outside.  In all honesty, it was a love hate relationship struggle for me for a long time until I turned 30 and moved into a van on the banks of Palisades Park in Santa Monica.   Yes, you have to be full of optimism to take that plunge and I was but this is what I learned from the experience ....

1. There is quite a dynamic Metro system mingling throughout the city.  There is a bus from the beaches of Santa Monica, right to the heart of downtown LA.  There are many busses that run through the lanes of all the major streets and THEY ALLOW YOU TO PUT BIKES ON THE BUS, so you can move around when you get close to a destination.  Obviously to paint that whole entire city in Public Transport would be next to impossible, but it has come along way, and there is a great Underground downtown to the valleY.  Get a map, get confused and explore, I had a blast and ended up practically mastering it in a few months as I decided I would rather sit in traffic with a book and writing materials in hand then behind the wheel.

2.  The Spiritual Smorgasborg.  yeah I spelled that wrong, but there is an enormous spiritual community resting on the banks of Santa Monica Venice that will blow your mind!  Multiple events every evening, tons of uplifting music and workshops and even more optimism then you can ever imagine!  It is lovely.  I had a chance to start a small Conscious Community called and had a blast doing it.  Get out your yoga mat and mingle with the healthy LIFERS, it completely transformed my life and was a gateway to INDIA, which is where I reside now.

3.  Learn to accept EVERYONE as they are.  LA has more people more more cultures doing more things then I have ever seen anywhere in the world.  If you can walk the city with an open mind and heart like a child, it is an endless display of creation and collaboration.  You can learn almost anything, play any style of music, learn any language, play any sport, meet any partner from any place in the world and you can also just take up a lounge chair and watch it all unfold, truly it is magic.

4.  More on the VAN.  Now, many people may think that living in a van is shameful and ludicrous.  But let me tell you how I turned it into the good life, free of rent in multi-million dollar property.  First, I parked regularly on the cliffs of Palisades Park.  The locals new I was there, but I worked a 9-5 while playing gigs, hosting events and having a social life so I wasn't there much more then the mornings.  My front yard was the most beautiful view overlooking Santa Monica Beach.  I would host pick nick, Yoga Classes and Play Music when I could.  My toilet had the same view and my shower was a 5 star Day Spa with all the mineral baths and extras the I indulged myself in just a few blocks away.  Sometimes I would drive up the coast and find another cliff to park on.  When I needed to go to the city late and did not feel like driving home, I just got in the back and rested.  I had a bike locked to the back for freedom and I just explored like I had just come to town, even though I had been there for the last 30 years.  Truly, it was some of the most vibrant days of my life.  Full Freedom, full connection, full on life for a fraction of the price as most rentals in the area are about 1500 for a shoe box not much larger then the inside of the van.

Anyways, I could go on and on as I am yearning to go back, but the right time will come.  If now is your time, open up and enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily Gratitude Group Started

Take a look at my latest group .... Gratitude 365

It's easy, just reflect back on your day, week or even the last hour and type out what you are grateful for, feel the bliss take over, then sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy.

Daily Gratitude has a way of transforming us into more powerfully responsive individuals.  It helps us to see the beauty in our life as we strive for the top.  It literally is the mental way of stopping and smelling the flowers.  To reflect on life through the heart and see how much abundance is already there in every moment.

We spend far too much emotional energy feeling a sense of lack. So, how about for the next 365 we spend our time and energy focusing on that sense of abundance.  Just for fun .... just to see what happens when we see our lives as completely abundant.  Who knows, we might just start really enjoying life!  But really, we wouldn't want that would we :)

Enjoy the inner bliss of Gratitude!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fundamentals and the Journey to a Brave New You!

Less then a month ago I launched a new project in connection with my upcoming album release, "Brave New World - The Time is NOW!" I titled the project "A Journey to a Brave New You" as the intention is to take people on a self-reflective journey into the depths of their own life in a step by step process that coincides with each song on the album. Yes, I think it is brilliant! Really, something truly unique in the realm of music. Music in association with personal growth! mmmmmmm. Anyways, after a few weeks of sharing and promoting the page, I noticed that it wasn't catching on in the way that I imagined. So I decided to look deeper. And that took me to a decision to actually use what I set out to do for others, for myself. So I began the Journey to a Brave New Me, as I always see room for personal growth and why would I let this work go to waste.

So, here we are on April 19th, 2012, a little bit more then half way through the first month of the Journey and this is what I have done. I started this month with a 3-Day Vipassana Meditation course that has sent me in alignment for what it truly important in my life, peace. So each day this month I have been focused on that alone. Whenever something arises that frustrates or angers me, I ask myself "am I peaceful right now." The obvious answer is NO, so I wait, focus on my breath and allow peace to consume my presence again and then move forward with whatever task I am associated with (Eckhart Tolle has a great influence on this as well). I strongly feel that if peace is at the root of everything we do, our lives will be of great service to the world. It's working.

Another change I have made is consistently, each day, I have managed to jump out of bed at 5am, exercise, Breath, meditate, watch a TED Talk, connect with my partner, practice music and performance and manage to take care of a few mundane tasks associated with every morning and all that is finished before 10 AM!! These are my fundamentals, so by 10am I am ready for the rest of todays bliss with the core tasks that ground, energize and sustain my peace out of the way.

I tell you this not ONLY to pat myself on the back, because I DO believe in celebrating victories, but also to possible put a little fire into those changes you had been contemplating for years. How about making the changes right now. Maybe A 5AM wake up call is not your thing, but maybe quitting smoking is. Take it one day at a time, build on each day and attach bliss to the notion of not smoking and suffering to smoking. So when you go for the next one, there is just too much pain associated. If I get up after 6am I am tired all day. If I get up at 5, I may need a 20 minute on my back meditation mid-day, but I am energized all day!

I have also set off on Tony Robbin's "The Time of Your Life" 10 day program to focus on what is MOST important in my day to day and move away from the every growing to-do list that can boggle my fragile mind!

If anything, I am grateful for this "Journey to a Brave New You!" page as it is transforming my own life! I am sure that my walking the walk will in turn inspire others to do the same, but, really, I am here to heal myself, to live my fullest and give of myself and my love. With or without my projects or music, that alone will cause a shift in the world as each one of us makes a profound impact on the whole. I make these changes because I know that when I do these things I am able to give more freely and I truly wish the same for you.

If you haven't started, anytime is the RIGHT time. Journey with peace and love!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Provoking Thoughts Podcast #1 - Valentines

This week we started a brand new podcast intended to share our many conversations that open our mind to various topics. This week we talked about the power of relationships and the balance necessary to sustain them. We touched on Valentines and the craziness of it and much much more!

Click Here to Enjoy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrating The Small Victories!

One of the most incredible things I have stuck to for the first 23 days of this New Year is Celebrating the Small Victories in my days. Each night I collect my thoughts and share what I have learned, How I have loved, what I accomplished, what I am grateful for, how I grew a little bit, how I treated someone and on and on and on. Sometimes we have huge breakthroughs every single day, but do we allow ourselves to celebrate? I am telling you it is the most incredible practice I have ever had. For one, it allows you to celebrate life EVERYDAY and two, you truly install the belief that life is a JOURNEY not a destination! I recommend it for all!!!

I love You!!