Thursday, November 6, 2008


Why are we so weak
to define our insecurities
when nature brings us to our knees
after we shamelessly believe
we are stronger then SHE!!

Our Mother has the power
to devour
a life
in the blink of an eye
but in mercy
she only curses
because again and again
She is our Great Mother

She keeps giving chances
through misguided trances
and toxic romances
but a day will come
when she will protect the one
in harmony with the sun

That could be could be none!!!!!

WITH LOVE - Daniel


Down The West Side - Throng La Pass to Pokhara

Reaching the top of Throng La Pass is a wonderful little mirage of "I made it!!!!" Little does one know that the other side of the pass is a 1600 meter downward descent into the largest valley in the world. The descent takes a little over 4 hours, that is after a 4 hour climb on the other side, and is paved in little loose stones that give way under your feet frequentlly!!! Then you come upon Anapurna's greatest blessing and its greatest curse, a road!!!! The reason it is a blessing is that is helps to suit the well established guesthouses like The Bob Marley Guesthouse, that are equipped with any type of food, the sounds of music and warm bedding and showers. After the last two days coming over the pass, it is a Warm, pun, welcome to your body and mind!!

The rest of the journey takes you through more dynamic terrain, including, The WORLDS LARGEST CANYON, viewings of the backsides of the mountains that you just passed by, walking along with DAULGIRI, the worlds 4th largest mountain,MARPHA, which is the Apple Capital of Nepal, TATOPANI, a town named after Hot Spring, in which you can enjoy a dip a dinner all in the pool, another 2000 METER, ONE DAY CLIMB, then POON HILL, which has astounding views of the adjacent range, an ENCHANTED FOREST and finally ending with a touch down in the quant and absolutely georgeous town of POKHARA.

Here is My Personal Wrap UP

Nature has become my savior!!! I cannot tell you how many times I was able to still the chaos in the mind with pure concentration on the playful dance of creation. I found my true self in the wings of a butterfly, the strut of an yak, the chomping of a buffalo, the scurrying of a lizard, the raging of a river, the flowing leaves; in the serenity of the village people, so simple and free, the strength of a tree trunk, the stars up high and the white mountains that pierced the sky. There was no chance for the obsessions of the mind. Anapurna and all of it's intricate glories writes the story of humanity. Up and down you go around in the circles of illusion, but this picture, a picture of truth, so close to absolute, I feel humanity could conclude in the arms of the mountains, in the blessings and care of our great Mother......NATURE!!!!

6 Songs Were Written on the Journey

Soul Mate
Walking Through
Into The Sun
Still Searching

Cannot Wait to Share!!!!

To all the people I shared with, to all the creatures I embraced and to all the great sages that held the space....


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New You

WOW!!!!! Tears and more tears. Tears of compassion, tears of gratitude, tears of wondering what lies ahead and tears of hope for the future of our world. For the first time in my life, after so many years of resistance toward politics and the politicians that define the rules. After looking into the eyes of World Leaders and seeing nothing but shame and greed, selfish desire and lies, today, a man stood before the screens, sourceFULLy sounded through the radios and universally lit up the hopes of the entire world. This man is not black or white, good nor evil, he is a symbol of humans ability to change, rapidly. It seems as if Barack Obama is just a pawn in gods plan for our human evolution, and, although skeptics and cynics all over the world are seeing him as just another one of the bad seeds of politics, I find it very clear, through his mere physical form, that he is a man of peace. His smile reflects joy, his voice echos strength and courage, his demeanor emanates serenity and his physique is that of a Yogi, clear and defined. This great time in the world is much more profound then the dawning of the first African American president, today is the first day of a rapid increase in human evolution. With race barriers breaking down, with world alliances on a path to re-uniting, with the hearts of so many men and women open wide to the sky, the man is a beacon of OUR LIGHT inside. We are so lucky to be alive in a time when human beings are given this gracious opportunity from GOD to ignite that flame inside our lives that joins us together!! Yes, it will take time, yes there will be more tears and tears of human cries, but we now have a chance to thrive together as one organism with 6 Billion Connective Tissues. Our great leaders are only pointers to the greatness inside of each and every one of us!!! People Get Ready!!!! The Work Begins Now!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Poem - As Of Now!! (A Message to a Dear Friend)

As for this guy, well,
he is free-flowing in the wind
like swaying leaves in a cool breeze,
each day decides the way
in which I will portray the play of my life's purpose,
in search of nothing,
full of the divine,
but dancing joyfully in the bliss of this great play we call life.

I am the King,
I am the pawn,
I am the servant and the saint,
I am the recluse and the socialite,
nothing in spite of anything that might bring a mere smile
into laughter of why,
why am I here,
death is near,
but love is everlasting,
so each day that is my only path,
to love this world and all living beings
so that we last beyond our forefathers grueling past of self-destruction.

I believe in this world,
I believe in the human race,
there is no other way.

It is people like you raising the great beings of tomorrow
that will aid in this devastating blow to human sorrow.
Being alive will always brings challenges into the stride,
but in due time
us beings will thrive
into the light of each others eyes,
where no speech
nor mere word
will serve as a compromise
to hide our lies.

We are beings of light,
extending beyond trivial insight,
ever-connected we all unite
at this time
to become the change,
there is no might,
maybe or
doubt to make me crazy,
only pure confidence
drives this train,
stopping only to gain the momentum of the sages,
powering the seekers into loving persuasion
that flattens greed,
distinguishes need and
enlivens the bliss that remains unchanged under the purity of
our births.

there is no search,
only a constant re-birth,
each and every moment on this