Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summing up the Israel Experience!!

Wow! Well, you know a lot was going on when you sit down to make a summary of your experiences and there is an endless stream of thoughts going through your mind. Israel brought so much to my life that I am completely dumbfounded just thinking about it. I would have never expected to receive and give, travel and experience so much in such a short period of time. From the Farthest North and beyond the Borders of Egypt, I completely immersed myself in every faucet the culture had to offer. The underlying greatness to it all was the FOOD. From Day One, I was blown away by every bite of food and I started with the best and ended with the best, Elli Segev's Sabich!!! 2nd - Elad's Mom's Shakshuka and 3rd - Abu Hassan Chummos. Intertwined in all of that was countless felafels, sushi - Yep! - and more and more Chummos. I actually even found myself in a chummos based depression in the middle of Tel Aviv.

Really, I dove in. I dove into the insanity of the Palastinian Struggle, the joy of the day to day shopkeepers, the non-stop array of festivities happening on every corner, The green of the north, the vast desert, the stillness of Sinai and the Dead Sea. I visited most of the Old Cities, played Brave New World in a CHURCH and all over Israel for that matter. I did a photo shoot that changed my whole perspective of models. I got one of the best Massages of my life from an incredible spirit leader. I played music in a New Frequency, 528, the Frequency of LOVE, along with that frequency, I had the blessed chance of pounding on Grandmother Drum while Hugging Jerusalem. I met people from all walks of life and loved and honored each and every one of them. I became a part of an incredible tribe of light beings bringing the blessings of High Vibrations to all of Israel and beyond. I shared with Walk About Love, not as much as I would have liked, but I did manage to get there. I loved and loved and loved. I indulged in sexual fantasies, rich foods and depressive thoughts. I lived with an alcoholic Chain Smoker for 2 weeks, driving me to that point. I saw the old patterns of control and separation come into my existence again, forcing me to take a few steps backward in order to align myself for the new paridigm of intention and integrity that I set on the hour of my birth. I played music with over 50 musicians, most of them joining me for the two major shows that I held in Tel Aviv. I collaborated with one of the best female singers I have known. I set strong intentions and stuck by them. I manifested a great being of love into my life. I celebrated my birthday in musical devotion. I developed relationships that will last a lifetime! I rode the trains as much as I could and the buses even more. On one of my last days, while having a Dream Circle in the Desert, I received an energy so strong, that assured me the power of this time and the awakening of human consciousness. Nothing can stop us now....THE TIME IS NOW!!! Lastly, well not really, but last for now, I smiled as much as humanly possible and I paved the road for the next leg of journey to the land to be even more fruitful then the first!!

This place is simply magic, full of magical people, mystics and creators, religious nuts, insanity and struggle, desert, forest and some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The physical beauty of the people will spark up an 100 year old libido! It is a land in which you can sink internally or rise, depending on your discipline. I feel the culture to be gentle and soft, with roots of war and struggle so deep that you feel it in the vibration of the land. But that struggle has brought freedom to daily life and most people in the country are there for the moment and the moment only. Yes Western materialism is coming in and dulling out the vibrational frequency of the middle class, but where in the world has it not, it just gives us light bringers more work!!! Yes, each and every person must go to the army against their own will, but they have learned to enjoy it.

I see this country transforming into the space of LOVE and being one of the great seers on that journey, at the forefront of this major shift. Being that the country is so small and the population is small as well, and, for the fact that there is so much attention on this country all over the world, I believe the shift can happen with a snap of a fingers and will be respected and honored all over the world when the walls drop and the hearts open. And, myself and all the people that I meandered with over the last 3 months will be sure of that happening!!!!

To all the people that I shared time and space with, that took me into their homes and hearts and respected and honored me as one of their own, My heart filled gratitude surrounds you at this moment. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Israel is HOME and dear to my heart and I cannot wait to return. Keep on spreading the light, great ones, I am with you wherever my physical body resides!!!

Now I am tucked back into the heart based existence of India, receiving the blessings of rain and love of the people getting ready to engage fully in spreading the music and message of Brave New World. Look forward to sharing more on this!!

With love and infinite Gratitude!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Green Sacred Mandala of Empowerment

While connecting with fellow healers in the deserts of Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, something profound come into my being as a message!! While lightly gazing at the turning sky, watching the decent of many stars and the rise of others, My eyes became fixed on an image that appeared in the night sky. The image was familiar, being that I have spent lots of time engaged in sacred geometry and crop circle sightings. It was a Mandala, one in which I did not recognize, but for certain a sacred circle. While my eyes opened to the phenomenon, an energy burst into my heart unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. The energy busted open my heart, echoed throughout my body and shook the whole entire earth with a power and strength that was so massive, I could not help but loose a breath and follow it up with a deep massive breath of empowerment. This energy, was an energy I have never felt in my life. Strong, pure, unwavering waves of Strength, beyond anything that can be manifested in the material world. At that point, it was clear and will be clear for me for the rest of this lifetime, Humanity is waking up and that awakening is bringing such strength and empowerment, that the fears and doubts about our existence are all following away into a subtle "I don't know, but I will live Holistically!!!" It was a power In which I can imagine human beings from all walks of life standing on the top of their roofs, open hearted with a huge smile on the face shouting brave, "I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT IN THIS LIFE, LIVE ANY WAY THAT I WANT, ACHIEVE ANYTHING THAT I WANT, CREATE ANYTHING THAT I WANT, AND I WILL DO IT FEARLESSLY WITH MY HEART OPEN AND FULL OF LOVE!!! WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR and THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

We are much more powerful then we are taught to this message I received I am clear that each and every one of us can live to our highest potential!!


When She Opened Her Mouth - Her Heart Poured Out

When my great friend Abby came to me, just before I left, and told me that I was going to meet someone in which I was going to travel the world playing music with, well, I just thought it was another enthusiastic ABBY moment. After two weeks and no contact, I imagined this person had gone from possibility, and then, she arrived on my doorstep. When she opened her mouth, the soul of the world, aching strength and desire for more, came out!! Her stunning vocal nuances weaved there way into our hearts and left us yearning for more. It was clear, after a few moments, that Abby's forsight had power behind it. She and I intertwined Melodies and rythms divine for the last month that I stayed in Israel. And, that was just a mere sample of what is to come about this collaboration with Carlie Fairburn. Remember that name, not only will she be a major name in music, but, she will also be part of the Full Moon Rising Journey of Music. I love the flow of life!!!

A Beloved Family in Israel

Something that I had really been missing in India was that great sense of family that I had back in the United States with the high vibrational Unity Gatherings of spirit filled seekers and teachers all walking a divine path. In Israel, I was guided to all the right people and instantly became a part of the great circle of extraordinary human beings all playing a part to make an enormous difference in the society of Israel. Each and every one of you holds a dear place in my heart. We sang, we danced, we romanced, we gathered, lifted and exited the light beings all over the world, and, this was just the beginning. I was not allowed to say, "You Guys are....." I was quickly corrected and pointed towards the highest truth of the ONe World Family, WE DID THIS..... After countless Spirit - Filled Offerings of music, dance and healing, I feel completely one with this tribe of blessed Souls. As I am doing the work out here in India and you all continue to do the work in Israel, I keep you all close to my heart and share in that space of giving love and light!! See you in THE MOMENT!!!

The Photo Shoot in Israel

Well, I am now convinced that, with the right photographer, anyone can become a model!! I was shocked at what came about on this 14 hour all night affair. See for yourself....WHO IS THIS GUY??!! These are a few fun ones!! Enjoy! The photographer's name is LEON SOKOLETSKI, and I must tell anyone looking to become a model or get photos shot for any purpose, you must get the next ticket to Tel-Aviv and give him your business. Really, this man and his graceful techniques and experience in the business gave me the immediate sense of comfort and ease that was completely necessary to have such an amazing photo Experience. WOW!! Love love love!!

Mezada - The Lord of the Rings

Perched up on a Hilltop overlooking the Dead Sea is the sacred platue of Mezada. It is the real-life version of Lord of the Rings, except in this setting, I believe it was the Romans doing the conquering. I could only imagine what it was like to look out across the valley and see thousands of People surrounding your little hilltop, wanting only to conquer you and watch you die in the process!!! It gives me the chills to think what must have been going through the minds of the people as they watched in awe of their fate. I actually found the whole seen quite cowardly, until I read small translated excerpt written from the people at the time. I am not sure exactly what it said, but I do remember it saying, " We would rather take our own lives then to watch our wives raped and our children forced into slavery for this greusome culture. We take our lives to save the destruction of our humanity....I would have done the same over watching a culture of sub-humans poison the souls of my kin....

Repelling at the Dead Sea!

Every once in a while, life will bring you a brilliant opportunity to move through your biggest fears. Heights is at the top of my list and on this day, I got to dive full power into healing that great fear of loss of control. It is funny to watch the mind vacillate from wanting to jump off the cliff to pulling away - jump off - pull funny these minds are.....enjoy the film!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rising in Love - hmmmmmm

This is one topic that I have been talking about for a long time. Falling and Rising in love. IN my mind I associated falling as a negative as well and it takes a great seer like this to spin the wheels of the mind like this and assure me there is no Absolute way to see things. The "I Don't Know" it the best way to see it, non-ignorant, but like a child.......enjoy!!

One Swami was giving a lecture. “ Don’t fall in love , rise in love .”

And everyone clapped. At that moment, in that context, even I did. It made sense for that moment, and the point Swamiji wanted to make, was made.

What people don’t realize is that words can be twisted and manipulated to get across your point of view.
In the above case, falling in love gets a negative connotation. But actually that is not the case. It is , on the contrary, positive . It can be compared to falling asleep or falling into meditation . Are they negative ? No. All it indicates is that it just happened w/o any effort on your part. In fact, in such cases, effort itself is a barrier. If you put effort in trying to sleep, you won’t get sleep.

And how did this phrase originate ?
Believe it or not, from the gravitational force of the earth. How ?
Objects fall freely, w/o any effort, due to the gravitational pull of the earth. So falling in love , or falling asleep indicates that there was no effort exerted by you. In fact you were not in control at all. The laws of nature were at work.
The ‘falling’ that Swamiji was actually referring to , in a negative way, was ‘falling down’.

I hope you got my point of view.
Or did I twist the words and manipulate you ?

I LOVE THAT LAST LINE. the mind, manipulation.....can it be done in an i don't know state...hmmmm