Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monsoon Monsoon!

Awe the blessings of my favorite time of year in India. Daily downpour of rains penetrate the landscape and uproot a greenery that is indescribable. I guess all I can paint the picture with is the fact that all of the plants are EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! Waterfalls flow from every hill, it is literally like an ENCHANTED FOREST of BLISS! Nature speaks so loud during this time and you can feel the strength. The air is fresh, the water is clean and the people are....WET and Smiling as always. I think it will always be my favorite season here, and now, I am going to go out and get wet....Thank you Mother Nature for always replenishing your worth to quench the hunger and the thirst in me!



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to India

This first few days, I am completely upside down and confused. I just came from a solid working environment in where I was watching growth daily, and now, we are back in murky water, treading the dirty water, doing our best to stay afloat. Really, all I want to do is GO BACK to Israel, finish my work, which I feel was left undone, and settle back into India in a Western Way. But, the power of the Goddess insisted on us leaving. I always flow with intuition, and, yes, it was time to go.

Our earning potential is much greater in India and now, we must Earn! So, here we are...and....when I lay out what has happened in the first 5 days that we are here, it actually looks like things are moving in an incredible direction. Immediately we have our phones turned back on with low rate plans (something that took us almost 6 months to do before). Our internet card was swiftly re-activated! And, drumroll please....WE HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT! Yes, we are now official in India!! Yeah!!

So, we set the intention to take a few days in Silence and re-group our hears back into the great mother India and that is where I am writing right now. On top of a hill in which we had to take a cable car to get to the top. We are now spending 2 days in Silence in Raigad, a place in which we were guided to by Zorin, another home in which we were guided to because of the torrential rainfall that made us pull off of the road into their lovely estate and, in the proper Indian way....THEY TOOK US IN! I love INDIA!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Second Time Around - Coming Back to Israel

I think back to over a year ago, I believe it was around the beginning of May, 2009. I could ask my partner as she knows all dates, but we are in Silence right now, so, we will just keep it as the beginning of May. I got off the plane in a country I perceived only through the eyes of the media. I imagined coming into this war torn 3rd world with half exploded buildings and people dying in the street. I imagined daily rituals of caution to battle against the opposing forces. Yet, when I arrived in Israel, I arrived to an modernized Western country filled opportunity to explore and people to love. I immediately went back into the patterns of the old days where I would spin around from place to place - person to person, leaving those closest to me anticipating a return that was unlikely. On that particular occasion, over a year ago, I left the person responsible for bringing me there, My partner. I know it was a necessary happening to break down the past and bring us to a deeper love in which we reside on now, but WOW, i was like a bird on the ocean, flying in the wind, taking a shit wherever I wanted and having no place inside or outside to call solid ground.

But this time around, when we arrived in the beginning of April, 2010, I came with a much different mind set, a clear intention and a solid foundation that was built and supported by my beloved partner and her family. This time my meetings were orientated with work and to those whom which I respected and cared for most. I did not have time to run around and float in the wind. I have work to do, inside and out and I am completely dedicated to that process. In the last 3 and a half months I can rest assure that I have finally reached Manhood. I can carry out business with Top Professionals, work a 14 hour day, dedicated to uplifting humanity and come home and provide the presence and love that my partner needs. Although we have our faults, I feel my relationship has come to a place in which both of us are happily residing in our true essence. She is able to shine in her beauty of femininity as I am able to be the solid oak tree that gives her the freedom. As she feels more safe, her light of love radiates and soars out, holding the necessary space that I must know is present for me to penetrate the world. She holds more space, I work harder and with more people and both of us are happy. I feel like a man, serving the world and her the same, she feels like a woman, nurturing the world and her man the same. Oh what an incredible exploration of relationship. I am grateful that I have never been able to do it in the past. As now, things are expanding at such a level that I find myself in AWE when i sit back and ponder the growth on both ends.

And as for the devotion to the other side, work. Well, I met with some of India's finest while I was there. Had a chance to work with and be produced by one of Israel's best guitarists, Joseph E-Shine from Hadag Nahash. We met with upcoming stars like Shye Ben-Tzur, an artist that we will be exploring our relationship in detail when we arrive back in India. He introduced us to his booking and management people and has paved a road for infinite possibilities in live show production. I performed 2 BIG shows that reached out to more then 1000 people. And, the aimless floating of the past turned into intention filled floating that led us to recording 3+ tracks while we were there.

I am dedicated to this path and show up in every moment in order to give this gift. With that clear intention, everything is literally coming! I have to do much less and LIVE much more. Our weekly videos have a steady view rate of 150 people per week (which I personally would like to be much more) but, we know that these short makings will be most treasured after the major success is achieved. People love to look back and explore the roots. So, the roots are always there now for everyone to find out for themselves, in their time.

One last thing...on the second to last day, I cleared an enormous hurdle by playing in the streets and earning money....was one of my biggest fears and this time, I passed the test gracefully with flying colors. WHAT A GIFT!

So, 3 and a half months of devotion to existence pays off and the album is well under way. NEXT STEP, or I say NEXT CLEAR INTENTION....RAISING THE FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE TO MAKE BRAVE NEW WORLD it should be....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Birthday Celebration This Year - Gratitude!

If you would have asked me 2 years ago where I would be on my 34th revolution, I probably would have said, Africa, India or some Western Cultivation like Australia or Japan. If someone would have told me that I would be spending my special day surrounded by 100+ open hearted, spirit driven ISRAELIS....I would have replied with "Are You out of your F***ing Mind!! But, that is exactly where life has taken me and I must say I couldn't have been happier in this cozy and spacious environment on this dear evening.

Friends from all over Israel, took this day into their existence and showed up with showers of gifts, hugs and kisses, blanketing me in the warm cheer of LOVE, and I returned the gift with hours of musical bliss. It was an exchange of the highest of order and those whom came left with a feeling of deep contentment. They just experienced the depth of my gift to the world in it's most intimate of ways, acoustic. I shared stories of my mom and my arrival in Israel. I sang love to my gracious and glorious partner. My greatest of friends came up to sing and stand by my side on this occasion. I cried, I danced, I romanced the depth of presence into those in need. My friends from Ahava gave a bowl ceremony. WOW, I could go on and on, basically, it turned out to be exactly what it was intended to INTERACTIVE FESTIVAL OF LOVE. It was the most profound git to see that in any culture, caste or religion, the light of love can attract people back into their heart. It is clear that I AM WALKING MY PATH. What a magical insight into personal truth. THANK YOU!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Allowing Greatness - Recording in Sderot - Part 2 - Session With Joseph E-Shine

For the last few weeks I have had brief interactions and collaborative sessions with this 20-year old producer/musician. In each meeting that we arranged, he arrived in full knowing of his greatness and the greatness that he would bring to the track chosen for him, "High". Let's take a brief moment on that.

We set a very clear intention on this album to work with different producers for each track and allow the universe to guide the right person to the right message. Our first and very clear example was the fact that Brave New World chose a man in which his talent is far beyond his output as he still spends brief moments in fear thus limiting his capabilities to be THE BEST OF THE BEST. But I watched as Brave New World worked on him and still continues to do so. Now, as for "High", our intention was to work with a reggae producer, but, we were guided to Joseph, yes, a seasoned Reggae producer, but, more importantly, a young adult whom is actively moving from the reckless partying life of drugs and alcohol into a subtle life of Yoga and Meditation. "High" is the poster song for this generation of purity, where the silence and awareness are the greatest tools for experiencing the bliss in connecting to the whole universe. THE SONG CHOSE HIM!

With that said, I was still a bit weary with his over-confidence and trusting attitude and for the fact that he wanted to take the song in the direction of folk, but, much to all of our liking and soon to be yours, we moved back to the Reggae one day before the recording. When Joseph showed up for the session, his confidence and grace took over the room and for the next 8 hours, his guidance, skill and creativity enammered all of us. A few of the students just sat back and watched as him and his pro engineer designed the room and the sound. For the first time in my life I was able to walk out of the room and trust in his creation. I came back after two hours to a track so full of life energy and so blissfully constructed, I am certain it will be the summertime smash for 2011!

It was one of those situation where his calming charisma lifted us all up and hieghtened our creative output. The drums were finished in 2 takes. The bass, guitars and keys in about 2 hours (all of which he performed). Then I laid my simple guitar riff in 1 take and then, the moment of truth, Vocals! Nailed in 2 takes, both of which are being used! Simply amazing. we started at 12:30 pm and finished by 8:30 with backing vocals and all the layers possible to make an amazing track. We walked out in a stream of hugs and love! I was just blown away. Well, the fact is that we all were mutually blown away by each other. I was told the talk in the control room when I was doing vocals was that I have a Million Dollar Voice. First time I ever heard that, and to hear it from a talented room like that whom has so much experience in the business, well, I am humbled and Elated!!

I was actually so lifted by the experience of the day that I returned and did vocals for "Wonderful Invention" that same night, again, nailing it in 2 takes. Grateful!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Allowing Greatness - Part 2 - Day 1 - Recording in Sderot

The first day was all about drums drums drums. The setup itself is 4 hours. So after an 11 am arrival and a 4 hour setup, it is now 3 pm before the first note is struck. The student engineers of Sapir college are completely amazing the whole entire time we are down there. Treating us like royalty and catering to our every need. This is there dress rehearsal before they are thrown out into the vile world of internship, bad sessions and disrespectful musicians. I am grateful and cordial, honest and to the point as our time is short. I am seeing myself much more of a man this time around, able to call in what is needed and follow the guidance as it calls me in many directions. I am able to stand strong in a decision and to finally TRUST it. I am finally, after 34 years, becoming a MAN! Thank God!

So, Elad Nedav, 21 year old drummer extraordinaire, whom I have been playing music with on both trips to the Holyland, showed up with confidence and grace for the session. He whipped through both songs in lightning speed, giving us the rest of the time to listen back, do guitars and start the vocals. We had some minor trouble with the guitar going out of tune, but were able to fix it by re-positioning my fingering on the fretboard. By the time I was finished with guitars, I was famished. Just imagine what it takes to play the same song over and over and over with the same enthusiasm and authenticity on each and every take. Yes, Tiring, so, we called it early the first night and went to sleep in order to prepare for the session the next day with Joseph E-Shine!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Allowing Greatness - Recording in Sderot - Part 1

"Allow Greatness" - These were the words that I posted on my Facebook Status when I arrived in Sderot on July 19th, 2010. After 5 years I have found myself in the studio once again, ready to release a whole new side of me. A me that is only part me and all God. Today I listen as for in years before I demanded control. So much so, that I could not get myself to record in a major studio. I made sure that I did all recording, editing and producing myself. This was my baby! But today, I find myself surrendered to a much great offering that demands the presence of many, a creation that is unified and constructed by great power.

So, now I am sitting with a room full of engineers and a producer that works so clear and so fast that I cannot help but move out of His way and truly "Allow Greatness!" And beyond that, the college has donated the studio to us for the full 2 days to utilize to our greatest potential.

I spent a whole lot of time watching the patterns of my mind. I am not great enough and I do not deserve this were two reccuring dreams. And, funny enough, even if "I" do not, The Much Bigger "I" deserves everything and anything. It is creation and whether or not I think "I" am great person or not "The Big I" could honestly care less. It is working a force through me that "I" cannot stop and if I were to, it would take so much effort that it would probably kill me in the process. So, again, I Allow Greatness!