Friday, October 16, 2009

How to live off 1000RS for a week in Mumbai

The funniest part about this time that we are experiencing right now in Mumbai, is that there is no Fear attached to the little amount of funds that we have. We get up everyday, work as hard (smart) as we can (on ourselves and in the physical world) and create an infinite stream of opportunities in every moment! Failure, loathing, they just have such little value these days, if any. We know we are taken care of, we know the money is coming in, we know the Album is going to be made, we know that we will continue to support service projects and we know that we are ALIVE, smiling as much as possible, celebrating the moments, enjoying the times. When it al comes down to it, that is the only REAL thing that we can do and even in the most ungodly circumstances, we still have the power to make the choice to FEEL FREEDOM!! I saw an amazing You TUBE video called Everthing is OK ( a must see!! These guys are really doing it, going out and expressing the choice we have to be our best, to love all and to live high!! Gives me amazing pleasure to see these guys giving it like this!! Just amazing!!!

So, how to live on 1000 RS for a week in Mumbai? That is the question? Well, first of all, stay with a friend or have someone take you in, because it is not possible otherwise, well, anything is possible, but you would just have to sleep outside in a park or something, not a bad option....hmmmm. What you do is locate the great village Dabha, the one that is serving the 10RS Dal, 10RS Rice, 2RS Roti and you make a home there. Even in the most expensive parts of Mumbai, The village still exists, let your heart lead you to the best one! Actually, living like this, buying some tomatoes and bananas and having your chawanprash, your all good to go. Full balances and alive and ticking smooth. It has actual been quite a fun journey having so little cash over the past week, getting excited when we raise enough money to get a train ticket back from Goa, finding joy in the little hurdles that we are jumping over daily. The sad/happy part of it is that I know this will be the last time that this happens in this lifetime. It is a pattern of lack that I have held onto for many years and finally being in the place of emptiness has shifted me straight into abundant thinking and giving which I know will carry us into heaps of abundance that will be shared all over the World. And, Brave New World is going to be huge, really, it already is!! so, that is going to bring alot in. So, in these last moments of counting pennies, looking at the right side of the menu, putting off small purchases such as brooms and dustpans, and living in that small tinge of worry, I must say, it is a completely enlightening experience to know that we are always taken care of....So MUCH FUN, but not for everyone!! heheh

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, as for the catch phrase of the TIME IS NOW, I received a amazing leap in personal and business capacity this weekend at the Daniel Pearl Tribute Concert in Goa. From the time that I reached Goa, I was in an constant dashing from one media related item to the next.

1. The first was a 3 hour radio show at Radio Mirchi, Goa's Top Radio Station. For 3 hours the RJ an I ripped through 10 or so 2 minute sessions to get the public interest in the show and the music for the next day. We gave away CD's on the air, sang bits and pieces of songs and gracefully moved through all of the faucets of the music and the life. On one interesting note, the Radio Disc Jockey has become so computerized! He actually did not have much control over anything that was going on as it was some high tech playlist software that controlled the musical playlist, news an commercial. He did manage to cut one song in order to squeeze in another segment for us, got to love that Pankaj, we vibed right from the start!! Was a blast!!

2. Next was the press conference just before the show!! I was invited into an small ampitheater in which I was met with about 30 blank stares and was asked to discuss my life, my music and my mission in this game of it all. So, I did just that and was met with a few loving smiles and an occasional full on interest, but most of it was like talking to a brick wall with eyes. I was told the Goan Media can be shy, but this was halarious, really, got me wondering what the show was going to be like!! click here to read about the show. The best part of the press conference happened at the very end when Nikhil, a Anchor for an local news channel, walked in and sat me down for an interview. He was a casual hipster with a of spunk and was naturally confident in his peristance with me in getting me to do an interview. I was all for it. More on it later.

3. The next was the onslaught of Newspaper articles that we had to go through prior and post the show. From the misleading captions and mis-qoutes to the fantastic show review in the N..... Times (See article Here), I got a chance to see a colorful array of promotion and praise for the event. So much fun to see your picture on the front page of the paper next to OBAMA (See Front Page Here), and your picture is actually BIGGER, HMMMMM. Fun times!

4. The next was an empowerment workshop that I gave to just over a dozen of interested faculty and students from the College itself. We worked through the fear driven mind and focused on achieving our dreams. Each person got a chance to share there own unique dream and the steps that they will take in order to make that dream a reality. So much of the time we get lost in the dreaming and not in the steps that it will take to see that dream manifest in our lives. We also did an acted out version of Brave New World!! fun times!!

5. Last was the TV show that Nikhil is going to air on Prudent Network in Goa. This was my favorite. Basically, the set was like an living room, and the crafty news anchor and myself ran through an full scale emotional ride of sharing during our 30 minute segment. He will be airing footage from the show as well as plugging the website during the show which will air in two weeks in Goa. We should have the footage coming up soon!

In all is was an Media and Musical inspired weekend. I was actually completely unaware of all the attention that the show was going to get, but, was completely grateful for all the wonderful exposure and a chance to share our vision of Brave New World with people from all across Goa. I feel this weekend was a mere taste and look at the upcoming year as the music and message began to blossom and flourish all over the world. As for a personal critique on myself, I was extremely proud! I met all circumstances with confidence and sponteniety, willing to share completely and to give the music from the deepest place in my soul. Nervousness of the past was met with excitement to share and that I did, completely in every single circumstance. THE TIME IS NOW and I AM GIVING, EVERY MOMENT!!

Mumbai Day To Day TODAY - OCTOBER 5th

Wake up at 8AM and run to the market to get blank CD's

Burn off 10 CD's for the Consulate, Take A shower in-between and am out the door by 10 am

10:15 - Stop at printers to Print Invoice for Consulate

10:30 - Get on train from Bandra to Dardar

10;45 - Change Trains and go Dardar to Vidya Vihar

11:00 - Get down and run to K.J. Somaya college of Engineering to meet with Professor whom is translating Brave New World into HINDI!!!!

11:10 - Recharge Phone

11:30 - Meet Professor and work the song

13:00 - Have amazing conversation over lunch

14:00 - Leave KJ Somaya

14:15 - Board train from Vidya Vihar to CST

15:00 - Reach CST

15:10 - Wait in Line to Get Foriegn Tourist Tickets for train to Goa

15:40 - Get tickets

15;45 - Walk to Metro Cinema

16:00 - Decide to see a movie

16:10 - Got to Frutados to Buy something for Guitar - They do not have

16:40 - Movie begins and I come to find out it is the New Tarantino Movie!! Nice!!

19:40 - Movie Ends - Not his best, but, amazing Characters!!! WOW!!

20:00 - Walk to Musicians Mall In Charni Road

20:20 - Pass by my favorite restaraunt and find it closed!!

20;30 - Walk to Lamington Road - Do not find what I need

20:50 - Walk to bachalors for some food and home made Ice Cream

21:30 - Yummie Times!

22:00 - Board Train at Charni Road

22:10 - Have to get down at Mumbai Central because the train died

22:20 - Board Train to Bandra

22:40 - Arrive in Bandra and decide to Walk to Bandstand

23:00 - Reach Home

THIS MY DEAR FRIENDS IS AN BELOW AVERAGE DAY OF ACTIVITY FOR THIS CHAP!! I LOVE THIS CITY!! I COULD EXPLORE IT EVERYDAY!! SO MUCH FUN. Getting smooshed on the trains, becoming stronger and stronger and getting the out side space on the car. Walking slow and smooth. Smiling bright at each and every person. Enjoying the heart guided flow. An india Day is like no other, it is an experience. And, even after 2 years, It still feels like the first time I am seeing it!! What a gift!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Live on the Radio in Goa - RIGHT NOW!!


We are live on Radio Mirchi in Goa if you are in the area! 98.3 FM. Having a blast with Pankaj in the studio and playing some new tracks preparing for The Big Show Tomorrow!!
See you there!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One in the Rain

Most days I find more water coming out of me then going in, even with an 4 Litre Intake! My guitar strings are dead almost instantly after the time that I change them. Food dies on the way to my mouth. It is hot, sticky and in the Masala filled air, there is a sense of suffocation that persists in your day to day in Mumbai. But, then, like a angelic lover's kiss, the soft caress of Rain gently nudges the temperature to perfection of human condition and we continue on our day, wet and soggy but grateful that the great grandmother nature is still sweet enough to bless Great Mother India with her sweet nectar of cool Rain. I could just spend days walking in it...Wouldn't that be amazing if we could spend our lives naked in the cool rains of change, only lusting after a kiss of the sky, walking by and by catching eyes but focusing our energy on the healing up high, watching peacefully as we ascend farther and farther away from the great lie of "I" ....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I Love About India - #350

Well, do not tell anyone, but I have been driving my motorcycle around illegally for the last two years out here in India, and, now that I am in Mumbai, people are telling me that I must be VERY CAREFUL so that I do not get in trouble with the law while doing so. India is all about Freedom really, It is the most amazing thing to know that with a smile and an open heart India will allow you the freedom to continue on with that smile, as long as you are sharing that will others. So, back to the story....The other day I was in town and I had parked my bike in a tow away place and actually got towed to the yard. So, my initial thought was that my bike is not gone, for sure. No License, No Registration, No Insurance. In America, well, In America, you will pay your life away and loose your license for this kind of action. What to do! So, when I showed up at the Towing Yard I just had to smile, knowing that there was nothing that I can do in this situation. I literally came up to the man shaking my head gently in the INdian Nod, asking, WHAT TO DO! He met my smile with an equal and compassionate embrace, half laughing as he is getting to the bottom of my lack of Credentials and essentials for the Bearaucracy. Our conversation went on with him mentioning to me that I would have to pay a big fine and he did not want to charge me all that money. He knew that I did not have the proper papers but he was on my side, and this is not the only time this has happened in this country. He worked with me to find a way to release my bike for the lowest possible amount and although I paid more then most, probably, an equivalent of about $18 for all of my illegal ways, I was still send off with a huge heart and a top it off, he even chased me down on my way out and gave me another 100 RS back!! Amazing!!! We hugged each other in a smile and I went on happily down the road, free, knowing that In this country, You can live without all the the government nonsense, you just may have to pay a little bit from time to time to keep the dogs off your back. Like a true Sicilian!! Love it!!

One more side note. IN India, the best way to make sure a policeman does not find you suspicious, SMILE AT HIM SO DEEPLY THAT HIS FEAR TURNS TO LOVE. SMILE BEFORE HE CAN EVEN CONJURE UP THE THOUGHT!! WORKS EVERY TIME!!

Getting Down to Business!

Well, the time has come to begin the process of making big decisions and commitments in the upsurge of the demand for this particular offering to the world. It is the most exciting and most fearful time of my life, letting go of the control that I have been so accustomed to in the past, as I was the only person doing all of the Work for Full Moon Rising. Now there help, lots of it!!, something that I have wanted for years and has finally come to manifestation, and I am scared shitless of letting go. I want to have my eyes and ears on every deal, every movement and I am constantly spinning in circles about decisions and future possibilities. The place where I find the most peace is always in my heart. Really, my mind can fuss and drag on about the most trivial of all possible decisions and ventures, but when I come into that still place of the heart, all my decisions are made for themselves and I am free to draw lines and boundaries of protection around myself that allow for even great freedom through the expression of written word. I have come to find all the business so very interesting. I place in which we go into an understanding, not to take from each other, but to insure the happiness of all involved at all times. To insure the growth of the project and the intention behind it. I know that there is more to think about and ponder right now then ever before, so, again, I go to the heart and check in with the great wheel of creation guiding the journey. I will sleep knowing the my decisions will benefit the whole of all involved and move us all toward a greater world, but still, it is that loss of control that is ferocious. But, like I say many times now a days, THE TIME IS NOW! There is no way for anything to grow on my own, The arms legs and multiple heads that will continue to blossom this profound music project are all coming to the surface and by conduction clean and clear Business Stratagies, we can all rest assured that all of our interests, collectively and individually are in the highest of order! Let's see how it all plays out, I am just scratching the surface for now!!