Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Action over Emotion

Most of my life I have lived by my emotion, acted upon my emotion, self destructed upon emotion and manipulated to get my way because of emotion. This time in my life has dawned a new era. A time when, especially since being back in India, my emotions are running ramped, but my focus is clean and my action is positive. Even in times of dramatic separation and hateful thoughts, I am CHOOSING to show up. Definetely far from perfect, but more aligned with my intention of WALKING THE WALK then ever before. Love IS the answer. Peace First is my mantra. How can anything great be created from a space of NON-Peace? If you figure that out, I would love to hear all about. I CHOOSE to create from peace. And, wow the creation is pouring through! GRATEFUL!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

12 Hours Through The Night

Whatever you decide to do, I will let you in on one thing that you must refrain from doing FOR THIS WHOLE LIFETIME. Ready?

REFRAIN FROM DRIVING FROM RISHIKESH TO DELHI IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I honestly have a difficult time even putting together words to explain this horrific experience that I shared in 2 nights back.

With about 170 Kilos of weight on the bike, we left Rishikesh at around 11pm. Being that the bike had just been repaired and had new parts, we could only max out our speed at 45 KM an hour, about 25 MILES PER HOUR!! And, we had to stop every 40 KM and let the bike cool. WOW! Imagine, every single person in India drives with their HIGH BEAMS on and, there are more bugs and dust in certain areas then a pig farm. So, because of the lights, you have to keep your eyes uncovered because the glare is far too much to handle if you are wearing glasses or a helmet.

Now, much to my surprise, but not really, the roads from Rishikesh to Delhi been destroyed, so, for half of the journey, I was behind the wheels dodging half seen potholes while LORI trucks managed to direct me off the the main road.

After 5 hours of this, I felt we actually were getting somewhere, HALFWAY, of a 225 KM drive in 5 HOURS! That means we were driving, on average, 20 KM an hour or 12 MILES PER HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INDIA! you gotta love it.

So, on that 5th hour, the bouncing up and down of the numerous potholes had managed to bend and break the rack on the back of the bike. So, We had to pull over, in the most dusty part of the journey, NO LIGHTs, and take all of the baggage off of the bike. Luckily, my partner managed to flag down some passerby's and they, most sweetly, took all of our baggage in their cars and my partner in their car, and left me with the bike and another 6 hour journey, ALONE.

But, I kept on, insisting on arriving to a nice room, with a hot shower to wash off the 4 CM thick dust that had arranged itself all over my body and MORE SO, IN MY EYES!

Also, I went from COLD to HOT, HOT to COLD, and, last thing, let me tell you something about Delhi, when you arrive in DELHI, usually you have about 2 more hours till you reach your destination. I arrived in the Delhi Area at 8:45 AM. I arrived at my hotel at 10:30 AM and I was far from Spiritual. I WAS PISSED OFF!!!

I wonder why I choose to do things when I KNOW the outcome.

I KNOW driving at night is the most dangerous thing to do in India!

I KNOW the road from Rishikesh to Delhi is my LEAST favorite in all of INdia!

I KNOW that the journey will take at least 12 hours due to the bike situation!

But, I still chose to do it. hmmmmmmmmm….I will ponder this a bit more……

4dalove (having a bit of trouble staying there…but….what do do!)