Monday, December 24, 2012

Wait, How Cool is This?!

I am in Nazereth and Jerusalem for Christmas!  Seriously, can I mention it again???  heheh.  After 30 years of going to the Church Christmas Celebration and watching magnificent plays about the story of Christmas and Jesus's Life and all that jazz and here I am, In the place where it all took place!  WOW.  hehehe.  Yeah, it makes me laugh a little cause I am not that touched really, but, I can imagine many intensely involved Christians and Catholics would have a serious face melting experience by the thought of being here during this time.  I am really not sure much Christmas Cheer will be going on all around, probably sprinkles of it here and there, probably some super serious mass will be going on, I have no idea, I just know that I am here and when I think of it, it's pretty cool.  I would think that my friends and family in the states would think so at least.  

Anyways, as of now, we have only seen the small (extremely small, even by Israeli standards) street market in Nazareth, there is a nice big tree in the middle of the square which was cool, I also saw some lights on the street lamps, but we were there during the day.  I am intrigued and interested to find out what goes on here during Christmas.  We have such an elaborate Celebration in the USA, with all the lights and shopping and parties and shopping and dinners and shopping and then it comes and goes, but the season is so joyful and warm.  It's almost like the whole Hallmark thing did something really magical to the Season of Christmas and Hanukkah and New Years.  

Here in Israel, people keep on working, the children definitely party during Hanukkah, but, I did not feel that sense of the season that all that consumerism and Hallmarkism brings in the states.  It was sort of like a passing breath, you knew it was happening, all the signs were there that it was happening, but it naturally came and went without needing to much attention. hmmm

Anyways, this is my 5th year out of the USA for the holidays.  Maybe next year I will be inspired to go back.  But again, this year, I AM IN JERUSALEM and NAZARETH for CHRISTMAS!  WOW!! 

Big love and laughs!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In The Middle

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Here we are, in the middle of it all. Some would say tomorrow, December 21st, is the biggest day of it all, some say it is just another day, some are waiting for Christmas to arrive, some are ready for a New Year. I say, "I'm grateful for these eyes to see and this heart to love and this air to breath" and I got a Holiday Gratitude Song for ya!! Watch and Listen now at ….

Life is interesting, time is speeding up it seems, there is so much to do, so much to be a part of, which way will we go, where do we fit in. I find these days, that it is only in a deep space of gratitude that I truly find my connection to all of it and then these incredibly demanding urges to "Be a Part" of something subside and I gently realize, right here, right now, in this space of gratefulness, I am a part of the entirety, just like the great book I just finished "Discipline" by Paco Ahlgren states in the end, "I am everything, I am nothing."

That sums it up folks!

I wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons filled with Gratitude for all that You Are and all that Surrounds you, as it is … all …. YOU!

Here is the link again to the song ….

Please feel free to share what you are grateful for on that page.

Much love and blessings!


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love you MOM!

66 years ago today was the birth of Janet Lee Pohnke, my beloved mother :) Her open heart and mind gave me ability to explore the depths of my true nature and allowed me to explore what it is that I am here to do. She only suggested ways 
and never pushed me towards her own belief systems on how life should be or what I should do. She loved and nurtured me and those whom were around her. She was always the super cool mom that all my friends adored growing up. She made us laugh and she always made everyone around her loved, respected and just great. It has been 12 years since she left her body, but there has never been a day that I forget about the woman whom inspired me to BE all I can be, to live free and to SEE. Mom, I have taken all the residue of fear that lived in your system and transformed it into love, I have freed myself which i know also frees you. You did great Mom, the ABSOLUTE BEST you could have ever done and I am blessed to see how I can even make it better, you allowed for that higher guidance by not attempting to mold me in anyway. When I have a daughter, I hope you come back as her so I too can give you the gift you gave me and so that you can carry the learning of life beyond me, then I would be happy to come back as your son again (that is if I don't complete the cycles with this incarnation :) Mom, you live in my soul .... and .... one day .... I too .... will be coming home. I love you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How Do We Know

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How do we know it's 12-12-12. Well, it is 3am and I am about to meditate with people all over the globe via internet stream of my favorite Indian Love Facilitators, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Yesterday, I had a cell phone conversation (while driving home from the studio) from ISRAEL to CALIFORNIA with my aunt about LOVE, afterward I had European Blintzes with my Israeli Family. To make a long share short, the world has become this incredibly tiny ball of connectivity and whether we are doing it over the internet, doing over the phone or in person, WE ARE COMMUNICATING and SHARING CONSTANTLY, and with that communication comes information and awakening to what resonates in our hearts and with that awakening comes SELF LOVE and with that SELF LOVE comes UNIVERSAL LOVE, COMPASSION and CARING for all BEINGS. ahhhh exhale:)

12-12-12 along with 12-21-12 are only beginnings in my eyes, merely numbers, but, there is beauty in them and the beauty is the amount of positive energy that is flowing into the GATHERING around these numbers. Hundreds of thousands are meditating, playing music, talking and so on, and, that alone has the power to send huge waves. I feel that the candle has been lit in 2012 and now it is our responsibility to protect and nurture that light so that we can authentically GIVE it to the world. May I suggest that any apocalyptic thoughts be channeled into constructive action in cultivating your inner light. It just seems to easy to just call it quits. I say we find joy in the work of stripping away any conditioning that might make us feel separate from those around us. Find practices, books, workshops, relationships, ect that challenge you to LOOK IN THE MIRROR. May we find peace in our interactions and may we find LOVE at the root of our hearts. In the words of the song "BRAVE NEW WORLD", which was conceived exactly 4 YEARS AGO TODAY, "let's give our love, until the fear runs out …. the time is now! So come on angels, with open eyes, theres a Brave New World in the rising tide, so make up your mind, and we BETTER BELIEVE, we are the change."

Really, it is only a decision to believe in humanities ability to LOVE, but that belief must begin inside of us first. I believe it is possible!

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I wish you a happy journey and a wonderful transition ….

Love and Gratitude,

Daniel Tyler Pohnke

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