Monday, December 24, 2012

Wait, How Cool is This?!

I am in Nazereth and Jerusalem for Christmas!  Seriously, can I mention it again???  heheh.  After 30 years of going to the Church Christmas Celebration and watching magnificent plays about the story of Christmas and Jesus's Life and all that jazz and here I am, In the place where it all took place!  WOW.  hehehe.  Yeah, it makes me laugh a little cause I am not that touched really, but, I can imagine many intensely involved Christians and Catholics would have a serious face melting experience by the thought of being here during this time.  I am really not sure much Christmas Cheer will be going on all around, probably sprinkles of it here and there, probably some super serious mass will be going on, I have no idea, I just know that I am here and when I think of it, it's pretty cool.  I would think that my friends and family in the states would think so at least.  

Anyways, as of now, we have only seen the small (extremely small, even by Israeli standards) street market in Nazareth, there is a nice big tree in the middle of the square which was cool, I also saw some lights on the street lamps, but we were there during the day.  I am intrigued and interested to find out what goes on here during Christmas.  We have such an elaborate Celebration in the USA, with all the lights and shopping and parties and shopping and dinners and shopping and then it comes and goes, but the season is so joyful and warm.  It's almost like the whole Hallmark thing did something really magical to the Season of Christmas and Hanukkah and New Years.  

Here in Israel, people keep on working, the children definitely party during Hanukkah, but, I did not feel that sense of the season that all that consumerism and Hallmarkism brings in the states.  It was sort of like a passing breath, you knew it was happening, all the signs were there that it was happening, but it naturally came and went without needing to much attention. hmmm

Anyways, this is my 5th year out of the USA for the holidays.  Maybe next year I will be inspired to go back.  But again, this year, I AM IN JERUSALEM and NAZARETH for CHRISTMAS!  WOW!! 

Big love and laughs!

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