Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Story of "High"


It was in one of the weakest moments in my life that the melody of this "High" vibrational offering came through me.  Here is the album insert text…..

"3 years, 10,000 miles and 5,400 meters above the substance based life I lived in the not-so distant past, I found myself sluggishly pulling myself over the final pass on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.  It was in these moments that the melody of “High” came to me like a welcomed friend, there to aid in my completion of the circuit. The lyrics came as a reminder of all the blissful experiences of deep meditation that lifted me to great heights since I had given up drugs and alcohol on my 30th birthday."

But there is much more then that to tell in this story.  This song lifted me up!  Brought me back to LIFE in many ways, musically and actually.  It was a gift. This song was a pivotal moment in my life.  

Musically, I knew it was a hit immediately.  It was the first real CATCHY melody that I had ever wrote and there was just something about it even before I wrote the lyrics.  So when the lyrics began to come, I found them reflecting the inner peace that comes from meditation and I was lifted to great heights, emotional, physically, spiritually, mentally and actually.  This song shed light on a LIFE PATH and on a deep knowing that NO MATTER WHAT, I always have the ability to go inside and feel blissful and alive.   

I began to share it and found it having a similar effect on those around me.  It was the highlight of concerts and gatherings and then when we went into the studio, which summed up went something like this …..

"Young and upcoming producer Joseph E-Shine came into the production of high shortly after finding his path in yoga and meditation.  Much to our surprise, the confident 21 year-old came into the studio and, with determination and focus, knocked out our first single in just under 8 hours. Much to his surprise, I nailed the lead vocals in 1 take, Twice. "

I knew this song, this message, this energy, this joy, this vibration was meant to be NOW!

So what to do for the video? OK, let's create a dance out of it we thought, lets get some flashmob action going.  Lets put as much fun and light behind this message as possible, because that is what the world NEEDS!  LIGHT!!!  There is so much heaviness around reflected in our daily lives.  This LIGHT, that we all have access to INSIDE is what I see to be the thread of of our lives, and if this video can trigger ANYONE to take that look, even for a moment …. well …. SUCCESS!!!  And I also believe that a SMILE is our greatest currency.

Why are we going for 1 Million here in such a short time?  Why?  Because!  Life is a game and I am here to PLAY it!  Yeah, this isn't a video of a talking cat or a stoned rainbow man, but it is one that will put a smile on your face, a bounce in your step and maybe, just maybe, make you look inside and sing ba-pa-dap-ba-dap yourself, bringing the seriousness of everyday life to that light inner joy that is accessible in every moment, INSIDE!  Let's bring that love to the forefront of the online video charade.

And speaking of INSIDE, This Love has been actualized in collaboration with many people, most importantly, the devotion, encouragement and steady stream of love and commitment from my dear partner Mai Segev.  She made the final decision on the production direction in the studio, produced the music video and has believed in "High" from the very first moment it touched her heart!

THANK YOU for sharing and for daring to look inside.

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