Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrating The Small Victories!

One of the most incredible things I have stuck to for the first 23 days of this New Year is Celebrating the Small Victories in my days. Each night I collect my thoughts and share what I have learned, How I have loved, what I accomplished, what I am grateful for, how I grew a little bit, how I treated someone and on and on and on. Sometimes we have huge breakthroughs every single day, but do we allow ourselves to celebrate? I am telling you it is the most incredible practice I have ever had. For one, it allows you to celebrate life EVERYDAY and two, you truly install the belief that life is a JOURNEY not a destination! I recommend it for all!!!

I love You!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Self - Realized Eyes - A POEM

Amaze me with your heart
Inspire me with your dynamic
Self-Realized Eyes

IN a womb
is the seeds of trust
by action
words occur
and our world turns
we laugh and learn
risk to earn
tool to churn
out our fears
gone for years
We are here
and it is clear