Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What does YOUR world look like?


I have spent the last couple of years so focused on my mission of creating a “Brave New World” out there based on the belief that everything in the world needs to be fixed, altered and changed due to war, killing, famine and just overall negativity.  Now, all these things are very real when you tune into the news and media channels, but more importantly, when you walk out into the world with the perspective that the world is negative and people are crazy and bad.  Although I spend a great deal of time planting positive seeds in the garden of my mind, sometimes I need a reminder to look inside and realize that the Brave New World I seek to create is ALREADY HERE when I choose to see it that way. 


If your perspective of the world is one that views the world as a mess, screwed up and headed towards apocalypse, well, YOUR world WILL look exactly like that.  You may find people mistreating you, bad things happening to you and you may find yourself gravitating towards the media channels that glorify negative activity in such a dramatic resolve that one is left grasping for more like the needle to a heroine addict.  This causes upset, stress, anger, resentment …. and you ultimately live in a world of FEAR!  

OR YOU CAN LIVE IN ANOTHER WORLD. This world, my Brave New World, is a world I CHOOSE to see no matter what is going on OUT THERE.  

This word is one in which .... 

  • I see people smile and help each other
  • I see others serve the needy
  • I spend time with loving friends and family. 
  • I see inspiring projects that are making a difference in the world. 
  • I see Compassion, Humility and Love expressed in Action.  
  • I see more people living their dreams
  • I see more people standing up for themselves
  • I see thousands of organizations coming together to irradiate hunger.  
  • I see health food stores everywhere.  
  • I see yoga and meditation as the most popular thing to do now.  
  • I see people loving themselves.  
  • I see others reading books that make them a better person.  
  • I see events that uplift and inspire people going on EVERYDAY.  
  • I always have front row parking, wherever I am “supposed” to be.
  • I see Cultures from all over the world are communicating through the internet talking about things that matter.
  • I see People are moving toward simplistic, sustainable living
  • I feel like a child exploring the moment very moment
  • and on and on ad on and on and on and on  

I am truly amazed because it seems each and everyday gets a bit more dynamic and alive.  This is not saying that I negate and dismiss all the negative acts going on in the world, no, much to the contrary, I observe them, look inside, see what I can do in my given situation to help, do what I can, then give no more thought or energy to them whatsoever, because doing so would be giving my power away, and, I AM DONE GIVING MY POWER and MY JOY to anything outside of me.  

What does your world look like? I would love to hear all about it.   

Shine on Angels! Rest safe and walk light, we are ALREADY in a BRAVE NEW WORLD if you choose to see it that way :-)

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