Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Killed a Lizard and Transcended Today's Fast Paced Times

The other day I was happily troding along  on my Blue Bullet Love Machine, smiling bright, enjoying the breeze, swerving, swaying and then suddenly I saw right in front of me the most beautiful creature moving at a snails pace.  He was large, scaly and in his final moments, he looked up at me.  My body and mind did not react fast enough in the few milliseconds I had to swerve my monster of progress out of the way in order for the multi-colored amphibian to happily trot about his days, and then it was over.  The lizard left squashed on the road and me, left pondering this fast-paced world.  WHY. Why are we constantly moving faster and what we we rushing to do.  As if the notion of infinite time and space has done nothing for the collective consciousness.  Here we are, creating faster cars, faster trains, faster planes, we are building faster, talking faster, thinking faster, worrying faster, killing ourselves faster and we truly have no reason why, it is just what everyone is doing.  It is the status quo to feel like your life is moving as fast as possible toward the end.  Hmmm.  I cannot say that I don't enjoy the pleasures of a fast paced world, high speed internet, tons of connectivity, a fast bike, the ability to travel anywhere and create high quality products in the blink of an eye.  But from this experience I have had to take a look in and see where all of that desire and progression is getting ME, US, the WORLD.  well, I have to say NO PLACE FAST.  

About 2 years ago I spent almost 30 days walking through the himalayan mountains in Nepal.  During that time I have never felt so completely alive, ever.  my steps were harmonious to the rhythms of the earth, I was greeted by the trees, smiled at by the plants and from the insects to the animals there was a revery for one another.  We were all enjoying nature and all of creation together.  Yes, my food would be cooked for me in makeshift houses and served up on a plate and the animals and insects had to work a bit harder (I am not sure of that really as they do not have the mental aspect of lack so they are just naturally driven to seek out food) anyways, even in those make shift houses I was treated like family.  My days were full, complete and my connection deep.  And, it got me into a mindset of the Walking Man.  There is such complete joy in taking it slow, observing the little things and being able to stop OFTEN and smell the flowers.  I had lost a bit of that when I decided to actively pursue my music offering, but this simple interaction with the Lizard brought it all back.  So, here I am again, adopting a way of life into my mind to see how it works.  I am going to live in the paradigm of the walking man.  I harmony with the earth in all my steps gracefully lighting up the day.  Yeah, the probably does not mean that I am going to give up my fast-paced modes of transportation and the life of a man traveling all over the world, but it does mean that I will tread lightly and have the awareness, slow-down my breath to that of a walking man, take deep breaths and stopping often to smell the flowers and someday when I am ready, I will probably spend many of  my days walking.  I already have a plan actually. 

As for the lizard, well, I am sure his service to my mind has transcended him to altered states of reality.  His next incarnation might just so be an enlightened master, as he/she just enlightened me.  Grateful!

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