Monday, August 20, 2012

Can Hugging Yourself Empower You?

Recently I have been taking session know as "Master Angel" Peace Work which is facilitated by a dear friend and soul traveler, Andrea Zellermayer.  Her incredibly insightful sessions have taken me to the root of many of the patterns that do not serve me in my life.

One of my favorite things that we have done has been to go back into the past and call in a specific incident in childhood in which I felt the particular pattern that we are working on.  Then, I go into that time and space as the man I am now and give the child guidance on what to do so that he will feel supported and empowered in his self,  a guidance in which I never received at that time and has shaped fear-based patterns in the present.

Well, as empowering as this very act is, today I went a step further at the end of the session and was asked to give myself and my childhood self a great big HUG!  Now I have never before in my life received a hug from myself, so the very notion was confusing and surreal all at the same time.  When I was finally able to focus in enough and do the deed, I, well, In all honesty and from the humblest place I could possibly say this, I was met with the most incredible hug I have ever received in my life!!!  So full of LOVE and COMPASSION, so devoted to the moment.  So, of course, a dose of instant doubt came in I immediately asked myself; Is that really what it feels like to hug me?  YES!!!!!!  YES!!!!  YES!!!! I SAY YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! 

Fully empowered by this incredible sensation and healing that I felt being hugged by me, I felt the child complete and the Man composed and centered.   I know from this day forth, that feeling will always stay with me.  And now when I am with friends and loved ones, working with underprivileged persons or just meeting someone new and the moment arises to hug, I know very well what kind of love and kindness I am expressing in the gesture and can be fully confident that it can brighten up even the darkest of days!

I am committed to hugging myself on a daily basis now.  I think you should try it too.

Thank you so much Andrea Zellermayer, this session has changed the course of this lifetime!  WOW!