Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily Gratitude Group Started

Take a look at my latest group .... Gratitude 365

It's easy, just reflect back on your day, week or even the last hour and type out what you are grateful for, feel the bliss take over, then sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy.

Daily Gratitude has a way of transforming us into more powerfully responsive individuals.  It helps us to see the beauty in our life as we strive for the top.  It literally is the mental way of stopping and smelling the flowers.  To reflect on life through the heart and see how much abundance is already there in every moment.

We spend far too much emotional energy feeling a sense of lack. So, how about for the next 365 we spend our time and energy focusing on that sense of abundance.  Just for fun .... just to see what happens when we see our lives as completely abundant.  Who knows, we might just start really enjoying life!  But really, we wouldn't want that would we :)

Enjoy the inner bliss of Gratitude!

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