Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes We Can, When We Believe!!

Last Weekend I decided to go to Bangalore and join in the Navaratri Celebrations with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Other 30,000 Plus that filled the wide open space in love and devotion to the Master. There were a few reasons that I went down to the Ashram, one being clarity of mind and a break from the chaos of Mumbai Life and another was to share Brave New World with the high vibrational light that existed in air during this profound and auspicious time. To sum this up and make it short, there came a point, after my voice was beginning to come back and my I felt ready to share, that I ended up sharing with a friend about my intention to share this song with the masses. His sarcasm filled response, could have, in the past, left me feeling defeated and focused on the what if or maybe not's of my mission, but, in this circumstance, I decided to stay rooted in the confidence, and cultivate an even greater power into the allowance of the possibility. I was not clear of how the situation would happen or as to how I would even go about doing such a thing, but, I believed the opportune moment would come and I was completely open to receiving the moment, and, I DID!! While I was walking away from the Mess Hall, just moments after I received the comment from a friend, I saw Shrinivas, the main vocalist for the Satsang Group. We connect eyes and hearts and shared in our missings of one another. Amazing man he is!! Voice of POWER!! Anyways, he almost instantly suggested that I come and sit next to him on the stage tonight and sing something for the believe Faith and knowing attract anything we desire, if my intention is aligned!! Just say it!! heheh!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Felt Like Writing Something

Through the business of these days, the constant day to day meandering through this material existence, playing the game of life in a fluid and highly charged manner, I can only share words of complete gratitude! I know I spend a lot of time in positive portrayal of life and I know that there are possibly many people out there that would just like to slap the shit out of me and say, STOP BEING SO F***KING POSITIVE. OK, but why. Yeah my mind goes through the turmoil of existence on a daily basis, pondering insane thoughts of unrest and doubt, but, why I SAY, why speak on them. Words are as powerful as worlds and are the creators of our reality, so, I speak what I wish to see in my life, I share when my heart is open and I like to speak out from that place. There isn't space for self-loathing anymore, although it will always be somewhere tucked in our consciousness, but, again, I ask why, why speak on it. Because it help you to say hmmmmmm, possibly, but I will spit some lyrics at you from the song "HIGH" - Now watch what you say because the plants they play in the words echoing in the breeze - with a healthy mind and a healthy speech WE CAN POWER THE WORLD TO PEACE!! -

I look around a lot lately at this little game of life that 7 billion of us are playing on this planet, and, honestly, I cannot help but laugh when I come upon the realization that I play the game as a being whom acts as a guide to bring others to see this all as a game, and the game that I play has endless work for hundreds of years!! Oh, what a fun choice I have made....Such gratitude to walk hand and hand with the people that are making a difference in a time and space that really does not exist and even if it does, is such a small part of the infinite universe that is inside of each and every one of us. We are so powerful, yet we use our minds to disempower ourselves daily, WHY!!

Imagine a life where you are aware of the inevitable end, the "so-called" death, and each and every day you live in a reflection of the LIFE that is here now, and are completely expressive in each and every moment of it.

Imagine a life in which you whole-heartedly go after the things that are of your greatest imagination.
Imagine a life in which fear takes a back seat to love.
Imagine a life in which you manifest each and every little thing that you have ever wanted in your existence.
Imagine a life in which you are healthy and vibrant and feel like you are getting younger as the years pile on.
Imagine a life in which you are one with god, not God's servant or separate.
Imagine a life in which you are disciplined enough to love and respect YOURSELF and your integrity!
Imagine a life in which you wake up every day in complete gratitude and awe of EVERYTHING!
Start THIS MOMENT and make this your reality! It is a choice, believe me.

Lately I have been using various techniques that aid in my taking a conscious decision to completely alter the conditioning that has kept me down for so many years. After 30 years of waking up wanting to punch a small child, I now can wake with a sense of peace and calm, thinking thoughts of endless possibilities and gratitude for the many blessings I have in that moment. I see the people around me blossoming and creating their bliss daily!! oh boy, what a blessing it all this point, there is only one more thing I have to say, I AM IN LOVE WITH ME and MY LIFE and that makes my relationship with each and every entity on earth radiate from that space!! So, when I say I LOVE YOU, I can only say it because....I LOVE ME SO MUCH.

Our imagination is our reality when acted upon.....