Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Are we Insane?

Today in the morning, I decided to put on Spotify to enjoy some of my old playlists. I opted out of the paid version of Spotify a few months ago for MANY reasons, mostly because they screwed up my account repeatedly and then wouldn’t do anything to make up for it. When the same experience happened with Headspace, the comped me 6 months free. I would think a multi-billion dollar organization such as Spotify would do the same, but then I remembered that they have made ALL their money creating a platform that makes them A LOT of money, and all the Musicians that are on their platform next to nothing. Lets not digress.

So, now I have commercials, as many know from the free version. 

During my Deep Focus playlist the following two commercials came up ...

1st Ad. Burger King promoting a Hot Dog - There was a catchy song, it was dirt cheap and they promoted with both Chili and Regular. Now, aside from EVERYTHING BEING WRONG with Burger King promoting a Hot Dog, I went a step further and, truly, I am amazed that with ALL the health research that has gone on in the world about the implications of eating crap like this, Burger King still has the AD dollars to grab a spot in my ears through Spotify. I am quite certain there is not a person on this planet that doesn’t know fast food is empty calories and filled with harmful toxins for the body. So, either people are insanely stupid, or the additives they put in the food are so addicting, people keep coming back. I am truly looking forward to the day when I hear a prime time ad promoting the latest juicer or better yet, a device that would cure people from taking stupid actions. I guess the world will be a very different place when that is reality #bravenewworld.

2nd Ad. Solar City selling me Solar by means of my wallet. Ok, nice approach, but, what if we went a layer deeper and they actually touched on the point that there is NO POSSIBLE way we can continue as a species if we keep using non-renewable resources to power our planet. What if they hit us where it really hurts the most, the part where your LIFE and your FAMILIES LIFE is at stake if you do not make this shift AND MANY OTHERS. I mean I am sure most of the companies head officers know this but I guess we are so caught up as a culture with glazing over the deeper truths with menial material claims, we would rather be half comfortable then to face the uncomfortable but rewarding feeling that comes when we STEP UP and take action at these deeper aspects! And, the time to step up was YESTERDAY :-)!  

Yes, I know, I am YELLING a bit, sounding judgmental and slightly negative, yes, I know, but honestly, I just cannot sit and watch the world crumble in front of my eyes, because everyone is too afraid to do the things THEY KNOW THEY NEED TO DO, and would rather slowly die in the comfort of instant gratification then sustain the species by doing what is inherently sustainable for the long term. 

I know we all afraid of change, but certain things HAVE TO CHANGE in order for 1. Us to be deeply happy and 2. perpetuate the species in a thriving world.

Like A great friend of mine said, “the power is in the work.” 

Please start doing what YOU KNOW needs to be done now, stop waiting, its too important. 

BE     THE     CHANGE and ...