Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How Do We Know

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How do we know it's 12-12-12. Well, it is 3am and I am about to meditate with people all over the globe via internet stream of my favorite Indian Love Facilitators, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Yesterday, I had a cell phone conversation (while driving home from the studio) from ISRAEL to CALIFORNIA with my aunt about LOVE, afterward I had European Blintzes with my Israeli Family. To make a long share short, the world has become this incredibly tiny ball of connectivity and whether we are doing it over the internet, doing over the phone or in person, WE ARE COMMUNICATING and SHARING CONSTANTLY, and with that communication comes information and awakening to what resonates in our hearts and with that awakening comes SELF LOVE and with that SELF LOVE comes UNIVERSAL LOVE, COMPASSION and CARING for all BEINGS. ahhhh exhale:)

12-12-12 along with 12-21-12 are only beginnings in my eyes, merely numbers, but, there is beauty in them and the beauty is the amount of positive energy that is flowing into the GATHERING around these numbers. Hundreds of thousands are meditating, playing music, talking and so on, and, that alone has the power to send huge waves. I feel that the candle has been lit in 2012 and now it is our responsibility to protect and nurture that light so that we can authentically GIVE it to the world. May I suggest that any apocalyptic thoughts be channeled into constructive action in cultivating your inner light. It just seems to easy to just call it quits. I say we find joy in the work of stripping away any conditioning that might make us feel separate from those around us. Find practices, books, workshops, relationships, ect that challenge you to LOOK IN THE MIRROR. May we find peace in our interactions and may we find LOVE at the root of our hearts. In the words of the song "BRAVE NEW WORLD", which was conceived exactly 4 YEARS AGO TODAY, "let's give our love, until the fear runs out …. the time is now! So come on angels, with open eyes, theres a Brave New World in the rising tide, so make up your mind, and we BETTER BELIEVE, we are the change."

Really, it is only a decision to believe in humanities ability to LOVE, but that belief must begin inside of us first. I believe it is possible!

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I wish you a happy journey and a wonderful transition ….

Love and Gratitude,

Daniel Tyler Pohnke

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