Thursday, September 6, 2012

How Being Quoted Helps Release Ego - Driven Patterns

Are you being quoted?  Maybe it is time to start.

What do quotes do for us?  Most of the time, they inspire, intrigue or move us into action.  One quote resonating deep in the human heart can change the entire course of a life.  So, why aren't we all quoting ourselves.  I am sure each and everyday we say at least something worth sharing as a quote.  hmmmmmmm ……

So, Lately my wonderfully persistent partner has insisted on posting quotes of me on Facebook as she very logically puts it "The things you say inspire me and many others, so why not put them out?"  Now being the Mr. Cool guy I can sometimes be, attempting to be egotistically humble in many instances, I was completely resistant to the notion.  What will people think, "Who does he think he is?" "Guru Pohnke!"  I just say things that come to my heart and occasionally they come out inspiring and moving.  Everyone does this, so why do I need to be quoted? Then I started to dive deep into it and saw the potential to grow through this very process.  

My first step would be to let go of caring at all what other people think!  For every person out there that judges the fact that there are quotes of me lingering on Facebook, there are possibly 10 or more that got inspired or even an AH HA moment from the quote, much like what quotes have been doing for me in my life.  

The next step is to KNOW and HONOR that some incredible sayings COME THROUGH ME!!!  I have moved many people through the things that I say, so why not take it a step further and move some more.

The next step is that Words Create Reality.  We just released a song and a webpage about this very topic which you can check it out here.

The Final and MOST crucial step is to step back, away from the ME that we all believe is saying anything.  Away from the label of Daniel Tyler Pohnke into that empty, receptive place in which inspiring words have a chance to come through.  In this place, the I that is Daniel Tyler Pohnke becomes that which is manifested in every single being on Earth and beyond and what needs to be expressed in the particular moment comes through with effortless grace and ease.  Sometimes that is a brilliant quote, sometimes it is poetry and other times it might be just mere words, but words have the power to move worlds, so collecting the best of the best and putting it out into the world might be just what the world needs as well as giving us the chance to KNOW each and everyone of us has that seed of consciousness sprouting inside at all moments.  What seems to have happened is that many of us just have it covered up by layers of conditioned responses to situations, which cause us to use words that disempower ourselves.  

I say let's change the paradigm!  From now on, when something incredibly brilliant comes through you that you know just moved you or someone around you, write it down.  This will double the power of what you said subconsciously and consciously.  Then, have a nonjudgmental loved one (trusting you have one) post it on their Facebook wall, or make a picture quote like we all love these days.  Then watch as the world of delusion (usually our own minds first) attempts to rip away that brilliance by making fun of you and tearing you down, and in that moment, you will have an opportunity to evolve and what will probably happen is you will have more people actually responding positively to what has been quoted because that is the type of energy that you have put out.  And then will be the test, Can you stand behind the words that pull you and others up, you will you succumb to the low energy forces that attempt to pull you down?  

It will be and interesting journey, but indeed one that will bear incredible fruit, and one day, possibly one day, we will have a whole wall full of incredibly uplifting and inspiring quotes from new names that you have yet to know, but want to, then we can look at the whole Messiah mentality society makes up by putting a select few on a pedestal and KNOW deep in our hearts that WE are that great, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!  That is for a whole different post.  

Happy Quoting!

"I LOVE YOU" - Daniel Tyler Pohnke

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