Monday, July 2, 2012

My Recent Mission Statement Using Songs I Recently Wrote

Hello Creator - I - YOU - WE - ONE!

I am "Ready to Love".  From this moment forth I am here to show up for the greatest good of what I am here to "Give - LOVE".  I say YES and break through the pain of "I Don't Know", KNOWing that the perfection I seek on the outside is reflected only when I am in great LOVE with "I" which is "YOU" and everything that exists in the perfect harmonious flow we call life. I experience the "Cries of Life", but I am "Walking Through the Changes" with the mindset of "Why the Worry" as I see time is only in the mind so I  breath through the challenges that my patterns create, KNOWing that with no patterns there are no obstacles but only opportunities.  I am "Transforming This Rage" and getting "High" off of the inner journey, no longer "Searching" for the truth, it is already here as is the abundance I seek.  My life is a "Wonderful Invention" in which I have already "Sold My Soul" to the greatest good of all, in Service I KNOW  I am here to facilitate, in my own special way, a "Brave New World - The Time is NOW!" 

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