Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Cure for Daily Mental and Physical Fatigue

How many times a day do you feel tired, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or a number of other emotions that might be keeping you from giving your highest self to the moment?

Well, I think I might have found the simplest and most profound cure.  WATER.

 A few of my mentors and heroes have been suggesting to me lately to drink a minimum of 6 liters of WATER a day to keep myself in an optimal state so that I can continue to SHARE THE LOVE!

So, i tried it.  And, WOW, it works.  

Most of time our heavy emotions are directly related to dehydration!  I have tried this lately and find that when I get out of sorts emotionally or physically, I can simply down a liter of water and come out the other side refreshed and chipped up again.

There are so many things in our world today that are zapping our bodies of hydration including the air we breath (air conditioning especially) the foods we eat and simply our lack to consume this essential potion as we are bombarded by alternatives that are not well suited for hydration. 

If you think about it, it makes complete sense.  Our bodies are composed of more then 60% water, so it would seem that if there was a lack of this in our system that the system would go into flight or fight and start sending off all kinds of mixed signals to the rest of the systems in the body.  

So, it is time to get hydrated, feel good and pee lots.  Many people don't drink enough water because they have a small bladder and they find themselves having to pee a lot.  I think it is a very small tradeoff to have an abundance of energy that comes with full hydration and also, that pee break might be just what you need to release stress, come up with a brilliant idea, or just to simply take a much needed break.  

One great way to tell if the body is hydrated is The color of the pee.  If it is anything other then clear, time to get some water into the system.

Here is a little week long test you can do for yourself.  Give your best effort to consume 4 to 8 litres of water (depending on your activity and weight) and gauge what are the results.  Make sure that is plain, clean and fresh pure water, not bubble drinks or sugar based juices. Now gauge,  Do you have more energy?  Do you have less Stress?  Are you happier?

Enquiring minds want to know!  hehe.

Here are a few pointers that you can follow on your way to optimal hydration.  

1.  When you wake in the morning - Drink 2 liters before breakfast
2. Drink another 2 to 3 liters throughout the day keeping mindful of your states and when you get tired, drink a liter before you lay down to rest and see if that helps. 
3. Do not drink a large amount of water before sleeping.  start to ween down a few hours before rest.
4.  When tired or irritable, before judging yourself or feeling bad, drink a liter of water and see if it changes.
5. Find duties during the day that you can connect the water intake to. (Like Yoga Practice, cooking, cleaning, writing, ect.) connecting it to an event that you do very often in the day will insure that you are getting all of your required litres down the hatchet!  


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