Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love you MOM!

66 years ago today was the birth of Janet Lee Pohnke, my beloved mother :) Her open heart and mind gave me ability to explore the depths of my true nature and allowed me to explore what it is that I am here to do. She only suggested ways 
and never pushed me towards her own belief systems on how life should be or what I should do. She loved and nurtured me and those whom were around her. She was always the super cool mom that all my friends adored growing up. She made us laugh and she always made everyone around her loved, respected and just great. It has been 12 years since she left her body, but there has never been a day that I forget about the woman whom inspired me to BE all I can be, to live free and to SEE. Mom, I have taken all the residue of fear that lived in your system and transformed it into love, I have freed myself which i know also frees you. You did great Mom, the ABSOLUTE BEST you could have ever done and I am blessed to see how I can even make it better, you allowed for that higher guidance by not attempting to mold me in anyway. When I have a daughter, I hope you come back as her so I too can give you the gift you gave me and so that you can carry the learning of life beyond me, then I would be happy to come back as your son again (that is if I don't complete the cycles with this incarnation :) Mom, you live in my soul .... and .... one day .... I too .... will be coming home. I love you.

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