Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the Season Of The Return of the Sun

Happy Holidays to You my dear friends!! I trust that this message is finding you all in a safe space, surrounded by loved ones and cuddled up in the arms of the Great Divine Love that surrounds us at every moment!!!

Being that I am in India right now and away from the incessant pressure of shopping, family and consumer - driven society, I have been spending a lot more time thinking of the true nature of this blessed Holiday that has been celebrated for centuries and along lineage's of different religious belief systems. With the information that has been streaming in and the people and saints that have been surrounding me, I am finding more strength in my heart when I honor this time as THE RETURN OF THE SUN. Being that we just celebrated the Solstice, three days back, bringing the sun back from it's decent into the darkening of the planet into the Re-Birth and shift to longer days and greater light, I am spending this christmas honoring the One thing in our life that, if taken away, would be the certain end of humanity as we know it. Take away all religions in the world and we will for sure figure it out (God, wouldn't that be a blessing!!) But, take away that bright golden light in the sky that replenishes our sources of survival, and, well, you know the outcome.

By no way am I saying drop your bible, leave the church and see Christmas in a different light (even if I did, would you do it???) I am just saying, maybe we should prioritize our devotion to the things that actually matter most for our survival as a human race!!!

I pray that each and every one of you are giving with the sense of giving, spending inside of your means and most importantly loving those whom are dear to you. If you have spent this profound time of community gathering and honoring stressing your way through societal obligation and man made materialism, maybe next year you can drop the fear of not fitting in (for the whole family) and enjoy your time honoring the great ball of light that happily serves us day in and day out as we spend our time bowing down to beings that walked the earth.....heheheeheehe. Just a thought!!! Truth is never Absolute. Maybe the Bible is right and everything was placed here for man!!! Either way, I can laugh. This game of life we play is completely amusing!!!!

Aside from my mind meandering, I do send you infinite love and joy this holiday season and hold you all dear to my heart. I feel so blessed that all of you are a part of my life (whether you want to be or not...hehhe). I look forward to starting the new year off sharing with you the many offerings That I have been guided towards for the upcoming year.

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