Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Sky She Smiled At Me

Was it a taunting
or an honest flaunting
of Divine Peace
There is no unrest
in the galaxies
as it all turns and turns
but yes
We are being watched
This time around
We have been given 10,000 Years
To see if we can survive
the test of mankind

As I looked up and caught the gaze
of ancient civilizations praise
I received a message so clear
Like the ringing of a brass bell at dawn
The Sky She Smiled At Me
So clear, so honestly
Whatever destiny is designed for humanity
Is only a short term prophesy
Soon, we will merge with Our Great Mother Earth
Communicate in Sand
As Only to be washed away.....
Great Distances will be traveled
Free from countless hours of pondering
Half a life spent Pondering

Make a note of her gaze
7 years from now she will smile again
The same smile of today
No matter how much we have gained
She is all-forgiving
Giving us chance after chance
after chance after chance
Will she stop?
Why would she?

We are not the only ones in need of entertainment!!!!

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