Saturday, December 6, 2008

Choking Into Light

An interesting story comes from a recent experience in Delhi. I must share!!!!

Early on the afternoon of the 21st of November, I had finished my Sadahna and was headed for some juice down the road. In the mixed chaos of Delhi's most crowded tourist section, Parah Ganj, I found myself in complete and total bliss, dancing down the street as if the rays of ecstasy were pouring down on me. As weary, untrusting tourists, conniving touts, and shoppers crossed my path, I could not help but honor them as beings of love, lost in the make-up of the material world, or not!!???. The trash had become flowers, the dirt has become glitter and the nose-busting aroma of stench became the fragrance of wild flowers in bloom....all because...that is the way I wished to see it on this day. (OK, just a tiny bit of exaggeration) Basically, I was in a great mood!!!!

So, in my slow musical meandering I was met by a beeping horn that was not like most of the beeping horns in India, persistent, yet en-offensive. This horn was that of an frustrated coward, rushing on his way to some meeting. Noticing the menacing tone and being that the tone had now came up right behind me, I decided to take my empty plastic bottle and lightly tap the cars front bumper as to say, "COME ON BUDDY, RELAX..." The next thing I know that same front bumper has now practically taken out both of my legs at an unsafe speed for the busy district. Immediately, light washed over me and I took off running for the vehicle. Like a crazed madman in pursuit of an victim, I reached in the swiftly moving vehicle to grasp any possible part of the cowardice driver whom decided to use his car as a weapon. I managed to scare the crap out of his wife in the passenger seat and then moved around to the driver's seat and immediately, and respectively under Indian Standards, placed my RIGHT hand around the throat of the man that had just used his automobile as a Battering-Ram. While my hand grasped the neck of this fearful man, I noticed that I was surrounded in White Light and could not stop smiling at the man in the Drivers Seat. I confidently and forcefully spoke words along the lines of "Step Out Of The Car!!!" and "You Will Never Do That To Anyone Again!" As the fragile man shuttered in fear pleading his apologies over and over again, I watched the violent part of humanity trickle out of my being like an exorcist. I bowed and walked away.....

This whole scenario brings me to the words of John Lennon when he sais, "We all have the Christ within us and Hitler as well, we just have to work on nurturing the good side..."(click here for a great video) I know there was never a point during this brief interaction where I wished to physically harm this man. More and more nowadays I have cultivated the part of my nature which is more peaceful and compassionate to all beings, no matter what they intend to do to me. There was a greater force working in this moment. A force so full of light and authority that I feel as if I was a pawn of some master lesson that was learned in that moment. The situation diffused fast but the light never left. The anger of humanity spoke through me and I have no shame in saying that I reacted, because, I feel some people need to be spoken too in the only language that they understand. I am not a purveyor of violence by any means, but, I believe that these kinds of lessons will have a lasting impact on that man. I think he will think twice about using his car as a weapon in the future....especially on a crazy, long-haired Bearded White Man with Big Blue Eyes....then easily we forget.

With all that said.....I DON"T KNOW!!!



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