Monday, December 29, 2008

Envisioning of Rishikesh

About 30 KM before I actually arrived in this golden mecca of spiritual wisdom, I started to think the town was laid out in open space. My vision for the setting of this place went something like this. A huge and powerful gushing river twisting out of large mountains with the Himalayas as a back drop to the whole scenery. For the most part, my vision was right on. My first glimpse of the Ganga (The Holiest River in India) came just before Haridrar. Just the glimpse and feeling of the energetic power drew me in. The river had a different color then any of the rivers that I had seen up to this point. It was a crystal green and was actually flowing with vigor through the valley I was traveling thorugh. The mountains began to form in the backdrop of Haridrar thus preparing my senses for the realization of my vision for my new magical home.

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