Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Useful Information About The Environment

Did you know that the wild sparrow will eat 2000 mosquitos a day. With each and every ONE that is killed with either global warming or human killings, 2000 misquitos are able to roam the earth. That means in a week, 14000 Mosquitos will be kept alive. Also, did you know that a frog will eat 1 and 1/2 times it’s body weight in pests every day. Did you know the Grandfather tree gets it’s essential nutrients from? Let me briefly tell you. The wild bear comes to the river to catch a few fish to eat for it’s daily catch. Being that the wild bear is afraid of it’s cousin, a much larger Grizzly Bear, the wild bear will take it’s catch to the bottom of a grandfather tree to feast on it’s catch away from the larger predator. Leaving the bones of the Salmon caught from the river under the tree, the global fresh air production tank is able to sustain it’s life through this ecological phenomenon.

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