Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 Parts of Indian Lifestyle I Will Always Adore

The FIRST has to be the integration of animals and humans in the societies. Who needs a pet when you have infinite packs of dogs (not always the friendliest, they are considered re-incarnations of Temple Thieves) to keep you company. At any time you can have a sweet and tender loving cow to bring you back to the simplicity and stillness of peace. And then, my all time favorite, you can sit and revel in the near human interactions of Langore Monkeys as they calmly take their place amongst the local vendors and food merchants. The greatest part is that there is no attachment on either part of the exchange. Last night we had the most joyful dog follow us for about an hour and a half through the hills and vegetation of the Rishikesh Back Streets, until, finally he decided to go another direction. No long goodbyes, no kennels, no tears, just a friend for a that period of our lives. Does it get any more balanced then that. Get rid of your pets and come to India, your fulfillment of seeking Man's Best friend will be met at any moment just by walking down the Street. GOD I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!

The SECOND blessing of mention is that I just I just got a haircut and an shave for 170 RS ($4 US) Now, if you are an Indian that sounds like a lot, but, I have not mentioned the best part of this simple Haircut and Shave. Along with your necessary clean-up job, you are gifted with a 20 minute head and neck massage, a 10 minute back, arms and hand massage, a hair treatment, a full facial, and, best of all, a smiley faced Indian Man entertaining you with is over-accenuated Bollywood movements. How is that for full-service, and, this is Standard!! I mean....come on....does it get any better?????


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