Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The AOL Family of Cooking

What a blessing it is to have a family/path whom challenges your every conditioned pattern. From judgement to childhood fear, wanting control and laziness, Art of Living will show you yourself, and, honestly, it is not for the weak. I find myself practically running away at times, only to open up to that heart filled Surrender that comes when we let go of the patterns of the mind and come into the space of Love and Service. I have experienced quite a few Teachings in the time that I have been out here and even in the time back home and have found the path of awakening to the Self and moving into Selfless Service a path that challenges me and aids in my growth in this lifetime. There are many parts of each and every path that are designed for a specific person and the truth (Never Absolute) is that all Paths, Teachers and Saints can relate to a different spectrum of people. For the spoiled brat that lives inside of me, I find it necessary to move into spaces where things don't always work out the way that I specifically want them to in order to find out that things are working out for the greatest benefit of the Divine Order at all times. I am grateful for all the numerous times that I have been shown myself just by being in the mere presence of the AOL family.

This last particular weekend I was able to watch myself go through Childhood Emotions as I wanted nothing more then to share my new song "Brave new World" with the opened eyes youth. As my great Teacher, Bawa, completely intended for me to share this offering, time ran short and more important things took precedence. So, in an internal fit that was met with smiles of love from the inside out, I went through thoughts of leaving, running away, playing hard to get, anger and fear which was coupled by extremely uncomfortable sensations. Going deep into a space of Wisdom, I watched all the processes take their toll, sat silently, began to gain the confidence by sharing with a few people in the group and finally gained the strength to take the guitar, walk up to him in the crowd of people showering him with love, and insisted on sharing the song of pure empowerment. My mind had spent the whole afternoon in organization of ways to penetrate this offering into the minds of the youth and when that opportunity vanished and every part of my being welled up in the knowing of the power of this offering, I could not leave, I had to share it. Finally, the music is beyond me!!!!! What an amazing place to be.

With Love and Gratitude!!!

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