Monday, December 29, 2008

Scorpion Encounter

At around 10PM, my evening changed. A circumstance arose that shot me back to childhood fears and anxieties so deep that I found myself panting for air and watching my every movement in the fear of another encounter with…………..A Scorpion.

A great friend and I used to shatter at the sight of these viscious creatures when we were children. We would spend nights in fearful bliss as we teased and provoked each other pointing out false sightings until it was just not funny anymore. The truth of the matter is it sparked the deepest of all fears in my being. After all the people in the guesthouse turned in for the evening, I sat in bed for hours on end, half screaming and half surrendering to the thought of a scorpion filled sleep. I recognized the power of the mind one more time right before I went to sleep. I briefly work up and saw a giant size Scorpion slowly climbing on the mosquito toward me. I screamed like a small child and grabbed my light to find that the large insect was only a figment of my imagination, but I wasn’t yet convinced of that. Then I felt something touch my back, the scream increased. I reverted back to an infant and felt myself give up on life………GOODBYE, been a nice Ride. Grateful for everything. heheeheheheh!!

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