Monday, December 29, 2008

40,000 Person Concert in Kerala

On the way home, about 12 steps from the Hotel Entrance, my hand was gently grabbed by a man whom, in broken English, informed me of a very popular singer that was to be performing just 1KM down the beach road directly in front of me. Without hesitation I agreed and Ben, being a tired state, decided to stay in and rest. So for the next 20 minutes during the walk I was met by Keralite after Keralite in a state of astonishment for my presence in this venture. We were passed by vehicle after vehicle stacked full of Indian men in pursuit of the nights dream. When we arrived, much to my amazement, being we were located in a tiny little village town, my every sense was over – stimulated by the 40,000 plus Keralites that were present for the evenings program. An ear to ear smile graced my face as I held hands and greeted man after man whom could not believe I was part of this venture. The artist was a man by the name of SANI DANAM, whom I was told has an very large Keralan TV program and is a National Celebrity in the Music World of India. How could I be so blessed to embark upon such a journey, God only knows. I spent some time doing what I do best in India, waiting, this time for the music to begin. It was past 1030PM at this time and the music had not yet began. For some time I played with the locals in conversation and in spirit and then met my security guard/guide for the evening Prikasan. This fine gentleman that works in Baharin, in the Middle East, was the leading role in my journey for the evening. He tried to convince me that the area can become dangerous after a while due to drugs and alcohol, but I assured him of my fearless nature and the protective nature of all those around me. He told me of the convergence of Muslim, Hindu and Christian peoples for Sani’s offerings and I was pleased. Pleased for the convergence and pleased to find out that I was not completely surrounded by Muslims as I was told of the massive amounts of people throughout the community.

That leads me to a quick note. For this course, Bela had convinced a few Muslim Folks to join the course over the next few days. After some time another Muslim Gentleman walked in and said we were Non-Believers and diverted the loving couples attention away from joining the course. This narrow-minded thinking is exactly what the Art of Living Wishes to abolish all over the world. It is our job to really make an inpact on the people and assure them that AOL is not an organized religion, although you may encounter people involved in the practice that may treat it like one. This brief synopsis is just one thought that entered my mind as I walked around and informed people of my reasons for staying and my path in life. So when my great friend Prikasan informed me of the diversity of Religious Belief, I became more at ease.

The smile never left my face for the entire evening. My Ego tried to creep in and label me as Star and, on the other side, an outcast, but I remained calm and subtle. I greeted everyone who took an interest in my physical form and I bowed to those who did not. I only had a few tipping moments in this crowd of 40,000 locals. One man took it upon himself to Yell at me telling me to GO!!! And another just freaked out when he saw me and started kissing me all over. His red mouth and unfocused eyes suggested a man that had consumed a shit ton of something. I was quickly rescued by my security and rushed away from the mess. I enjoyed the pushing, I enjoyed the music, I enjoyed the companionship and I just all out enjoyed the whole entire experience. After about 2 hours though, my senses had had enough. I needed water and I really needed a bed, so I left, came home and fell asleep in a blanket of Grace. Divine, I surrunder to your guidance. What an epic journey!!!!

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