Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Month Of Eye Opening

Since my last message after the Obama Win, life has taken me into a furious storm of blessings, life altering moments and spinning wheels of information about the state of our planet at this time.

Starting with a blessing, I have been in the comforts of a 1 bedroom palace located right on the Ganges River in Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh. The cozy, fully equipped apartment (that includes a kitchen) was a gift from a great friend of whom I ran into on my first day back Home in Rishikesh. So, to put it honestly, I have been living like a civilized human being for the last month or so. Cooking meals every night, having friends for dinner and gatherings, which was great for Thanksgiving, writing music (10 New Songs Now!!), practicing Yoga, Reading, Writing, and watching a handful of movies, which leads me to the spinning wheels of information.

About 6 months back I had received a copy of the movie, Zeitgeist (Click here to go to movie), but, being the person I am and the fact that I tend to focus on the positive things in life, I had put it aside for another day, and that day finally arrived. In the jaw-dropping two hour offering of facts and an alternate view to today's sculpted media, I found myself in a tail-spin of disbelief on one hand, and complete trust in the knowledge on the other. So, for the last week I have been diving into this film coupled by an even deeper look at the proposed facts in the online film, Ring of Power (Click here to go to movie).

So basically, you can say that I have been in the world of so-called Conspiracy Theory, and, for the first time in my life, I actually feel like I am seeing A truth. Ultimately, there is no absolute truth, but if these films can give someone a choice of what to believe rather then the force-fed nonsense of mainstream media, I believe we will have a better shot at living in a world of LOVE. Knowledge is power, and seeing possibilities of the realities of our world - controlling, war-mongering Elite, possibly, we can prepare ourselves for the worst and surround ourselves with the best. Ultimately, we have little control as it seems the economic state has gotten so far out of hand, but we do have the power to LOVE, the power to be happy under any circumstances, and the power to stand up as a human race and be ALIVE, free from material excess, debt and FEAR, those being the exact things that feed the "so-called" rich.

No you have to imagine my thoughts when the Mumbai Chaos all took place. For one, I was supposed to be there but my heart led me elsewhere. Two, where it all went down is where I usually live in Mumbai. And, three, I see the connection to this and the world plan. If they can get India living in Fear and Americans and British (The Two supposed targets) Afraid to leave their countries, then they can continue the domination by fear. I know this may seem a little far fetched but, it all seems very real to me when I realize that next year I will have an chip in my passport that lets the world know where I am AT ALL TIMES. If that is not scary, I do not know what is. But, I will continue a life of freedom and love, because that is the only way to overcome this madness. Be HAPPY NOW!!!!

I also would like anyone whom is reading this to give some extra love and strength to my great friend Shibani (whom I stay with in Mumbai). She lost two great friends in the shootings last week and knows a few others whom have been injured. Her strength and devotion to humanity is beyond our imagination, so please send your prayers and love her way and in the way of all the families that are continuing to feel the weight of this ridiculous happening!

So, as I let all of this information settle in and allow my heart to open even further to the light of the world, I send you all prayers of love and peace, wherever you are in the world. Love your surroundings, love your life and realize it's just a play, that will keep us Gay each and everyday.

On a side note, I was able to see 1000 Sitar players play at once, as well as receiving an opportunity from the divine to stand up for myself and demand my money back from a retailer whom ripped me off, and, I was able to Choke A Man Into Light - whom hit me with his car. I have been intertwined in the blessing teaching of the Vedanta and I have made some dear friends of which I will know for many lifetimes. Also In this time of introversion and creative channeling, I am met with various ideas for spreading goodness and human expansion. The Most important, I feel, is how we are in this world every day, not how we are going to be. Awareness sets us free and our smile sets those around us free. Smile through it all!!

ALL IS LOVE - LOVE IS ALL - these happenings are just tests!!! Stay Strong!!


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