Saturday, December 6, 2008

Zeitgeist!!!! - A Must See, No Matter What You May Think

Now I have never been much of an conspiracy theorist. Never gotten too involved in the this and that of all the worlds crime and degredation, but, when movies of this nature come trickling into my life and burst open the doors of my own Consciousness, I must pay close attention. Now, even without any of the factual information about all the profound destruction a few hands in our world have done, one can tell just by looking in the eyes and at the physical structure of many of the men in power, that they are suffering at levels contrived from the millions of people that they have brought suffering to on the planet. For the first time, I believe that knowing this factual data and allowing the immense energy of hatred and disturbance to set in is actually functioning to set me free. In our hearts, we all know that something is completely wrong in the world at this time, and much of that something has to do with the supposed "Big Dog," The USA and a handful of the greedy rich all over the world. I am telling you from every part of my soul, this movie, Zeitgeist, will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Literally!!! I am not going to go into any detail as to what exactly happened over the course of the film, but, I will share the fact that I am a changed man from it's viewing. I feel as if my questions, which already had intuitive answers, were answered clearly and intellectually, and, sometimes, we need this in our lives.

Please, with an open heart and and a clear mind (PLEASE MEDITATE BEFORE), see if this film resonates with your heart as much as it did for mine. Watch the peoples faces and analyze who could be telling the truth. I honestly believe that lies are written in every part of the human form, and most promonint in the face and eyes. Look at the eyes of the proposed crooks and tell me what you see. I see the truth surfacing, and as the evolution of human technology rises, there will be no chance for us to be bi-products of a controlled environment. Humans are begginning to realize the power that is inside each and every one of us, and, respectively the power that unites us as one being. I believe the dumbing of our children will soon be obolete, the numbing of our senses will not be necessary when we overcome them, and the lies that we are fed with on a daily basis through media, will lose it's power when we finally see the world through our own eyes, not the eyes of a select few currupt gysers of self-fullfillling indulgent greedy war mongers. THE WAR IS ALWAYS INTERNAL!!!!! Once we realize that simply truth, we are weightless beings of light emmenating through the universe, promoting the growth and stability of every single thing we come into contact with.

If nothing happens to you during this film and you still believe in the SH*T you see on TV, then, at least you have given yourself a chance to open your eyes to some new information. Ultimately, it is your choice. Just Have Fun!!! heheheehh!

SEE ZEITGEIST!!!! PLEASE. If I am crazy, so be it, we all are one!!!

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ilfratello said...

Hey Dan, I've heard of this film. Our best local public radio station station (see was giving it as a premium during a recent fund drive. I'll check it out some time in the next few. Your passionate comments about the film have intrigued me. I'm gonna drop you a suggestion for a daily source of top notch (non M.S.M.) journalism. If you haven't already, check out some of the daily news videos on Amy Goodman and her crew do an amazing job digging up facts and advocating on behalf of community, peace, and knowledge. The global and historical perepective they bring to contemporary issues is rare in the dumbed down U.S. media environment of FOX News, Bill O'Reilly, etc...
Here's one example you can see @:

November 13, 2006

Amy Goodman Recounts the East Timor Massacre 15 Years Ago
This weekend marked the 15th anniversary of the massacre at the Santa Cruz cemetery in East Timor. On November 12th, 1991, Indonesian troops opened fire on a crowd of several thousand unarmed Timorese civilians gathered in Dili. At least 271 people were killed. Journalists Amy Goodman and Allan Nairn witnessed and survived the massacre. We play an excerpt of their award-winning documentary, “Massacre: The Story of East Timor.” [includes rush transcript]

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