Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bush's New Life

So, I had a fascinating dream the other evening just before I woke up on the Solstice! Being that the new song, "Brave New World," has completely captivated my whole entire soul and sharing it is something I find more important then anything else in my life, the dream was wrapped in the light of the song.

3 Days before the greatest day in American History, I got a chance to go to the Oval Office and share the song with the Great George W. In his mockery of human kind and through the suffering of his mere existence, I was given the opportunity to share this profound song with him. In the middle of the song when I sing, I WANT THE TRUTH, HERE AND NOW!!! AND I WON'T LEAVE UNTIL YOU LET IT OUT!!!!", I grabbed him by the shirt collar and sang the next verse in his eyes. As he sat there cowering in a corner, clinched within a moment of his pitiful life, he began to tear in treachery. As I tightened the grip around his collar I noticed him grabbing for something in his pocket. In my fear of the inevitable, I clinched a little harder until I noticed the shameful man pull out a silver plated Harmonica and wail away with the utmost sincerity and, in those moments of pure musical bliss, the shameless lies and heartless greed was exposed in each and every note. As the cameras focused in and the world listened on, the hearts of the entire globe opened up into pure love and compassion, forgiving him for his acts of cruelty and selfish indulgence.

When I woke, I had just finished asking him to be a part of my new album, he Agreed!!!

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