Thursday, May 31, 2018

Imagine What The World Would Look Like ...

…if we used our entertainment to empower ourselves and our children.

Music has been a major part of my life as far back as I remember.

From being the seed of a musician (my father I never met was a musician) to the John Denver Records my mom would spin, to my first album purchase, MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit,” to my heavy metal days, Dave Matthews Band Fanatical days, Jam Band days to the Mantra’s and Global mood music, it seems to run through everything I do.

Finally, at one point, I wanted to create my own. And I did.

I wrote songs of struggle and sorrow, broken relationships and about my perspective on the world.

I created opportunities to play on some of the best stages, I traveled the US and parts of the world performing.

For most of my “career” in music, it was more about my need for approval and acknowledgement then it was about the music I was playing and the things that I was saying.

When I came out of suicidal depression, which was triggered by my deep identification with the “artist” side of myself, I began to learn and research about the deeper aspects of music, why it is so powerful and the implications of what it can create in the world.

I then traveled to India on a one way ticket. The music that came through began to take a different turn. Songs began to come that healed aspects of my broken mind and heart. Songs that empowered me to be the best I could be and to be of service to the world.

When I finished recording “Brave New World - The Time is Now,” which was a collection of these songs set to the background of the cultures and experiences I was having traveling through India and the Middle East, I realized that I wanted to do something different with music.

I wanted to use it as a transformational tool.

I wanted to go back to the focus and sacred nature of it that moved me so deeply as a child.

I wanted to offer it to the world in a way that could help my fellow brothers and sisters as much as it helped me through my internal struggles.

I (well We) did. We created a Self Development program, "The Brave New World ToolBox," that uses the music as an anchor to take actions to empower your life.

In 2015, I wrote a speech about my story, my learning and the implications of music.

It was denied by TEDx, as it wasn’t PC enough, so I got creative with TEDx and delivered this.

But I knew that I had to deliver this message with or without Tedx.

So in 2016, in partnership with my beloved wife and in collaboration with local community and fellow mission driven musicians and artist, we created a Theater Show that used music and entertainment to empower the lives of everyone whom participated.

From the feedback we received, it opened hearts, expanded perspective. It landed. It spoke. It transformed.

It was the beginning.

We look around at our entertainment options these days and it is full of negativity, self-indulgence and violence.

We deserve better. We are better. We deeply need better.

I have made it my mission to bring entertainment experiences to the world that serve, support, empower and uplift.

Today, I wanted to share with you that speech (Click the image below) and ask you a question.

Who do you know that wants to use music or entertainment as a way to empower and heal humanity? Is it you, lets connect. If it is someone you know, please share this email and put us in touch.

We have an industry to transform!

With Love and Gratitude,


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