Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talking to my Inner Child

I am holding you and let you know all the things that scare you are real and far from real all at the same time.

I am staring deeply into your eyes and penetrate you with love so that your fears of not being accepted fall away in the breeze.

You are Free, no matter what your mind tells you!!

There is a reason for the way that you are, it is Love!!

Cry with me, I know it hurts to be a man!

If you step out of yourself, you will feel joy beyond your imagination.

I forgive you.

You do nothing wrong

I forgive you.

You are lovely the way you are.

I forgive you!

Please kick and scream and call me names.

I forgive you!

For the way you judge......yourself!

I forgive you!

For the painful walls put around...

I forgive you!

You are my inner child, loud, incessant, ignorant and enlightened, pure and simple, crippling and expanding, you are always here and sometimes I will need to hold you and let you know that we are OK and other times I will follow you and expand into your nature of infinity.

We can do this together always, Man and Child!!

Much love and Gratitude to Satya Rayes for the inspiration......

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love you, Daniel, Man and Child.
I love for who you really are.
You're amazing.