Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okuribito - Departures - WOW!!!

So, now that the tears have lessened and I am able to function, I have to share about this movie. Just Simply and Elegant and full of Knowledge, in the Space....WOW!!! It is movies like this that shake the very core of existence. Done so well that even the youngest souls can blossom into self-realization through the process of this film.

I Really want to share about my personal EXPERIENCE with this film. As I am watching the film, I decided to have some Chummos (Shocking) and enjoy the film with a bit of food in the belly, heart and mind. As I was taking bites, viewing the footage of one of his many Encoffenings, I found myself appalled and in a state of sickness watching the scene, and, I was not able to eat. I could not help but look into my own conditioning on this matter and ask myself why the thought of a dead body makes me cringe enough to not enjoy my food. Why death is a disgusting thing in my mind. HMMMMMMMM. So, as I take each and every opportunity to grow I kept eating the food as the scene went on to re-condition myself, but isn't that interesting. We are completely trained in life to look at death as something that is gross, sad and completely out of the ordinary. God, it happens all around us everyday and it is movies like this that can help us to see the beauty of moving into the next phase of existence of the soul. Shit, most people should be looking at it as the greatest day of their lives by the way the world is going these days. But, really, if we stop conditioning the FEAR and Hardship that surrounds death, then maybe people can actually live their lives with greater ease, not in a state of demise, pondering the inevitable truth of, WE ALL WILL LEAVE OUR BODIES. When, that is up to the Great Mind!! Live with that thought and you may go on a whole lot longer then you think......LOVE YOU


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