Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jerusalem Mask

Overlooking the rolling structured hills of Jerusalem brings instant fantasy into the mind.  David, Daniel, JESUS....did they walk this land?  When I close my eyes and open them again, I am almost 2000 years back in time.  Something is in this City.  Is it the world's endless obsession with the Bible that has given this place such a powerful presence?  It is like I am wrapped in some dream of some fantasy world of names and places that I thought only existed in text and in the minds of the religious fanatics, and now, I am here!!  Bethalahem: what!!!!??  This is an actual place?  Guess so!

On our way to the Old City of Jerusalem, I got to see first hand what has happened in this country in the means of separation.  An enormous wall has been built all around the Palastinian sectors of Israel, somehow attempting to erradicate the struggle between the two.  I say if you want to irradicate the struggle of fighting people, a rediculous notion all together, then put them in a big area TOGETHER and then put a wall around them.  let them fight it out if they wish or let them survive together as that is all they are trying to do anyways.  The walls make the country look like a war - zone, yet, again, all I am seeing is people smiling and enjoying their time on the planet...even the soldiers!!!!  Freedom is all I feel here, although the people whom I was with loved talking about the past wars that did go on over these roads.

On to the Old City, or, Revamped Old City.  Everything was brand new!!  New buildings, new shops, tons of things to buy.  Expensive food.  The only thing that remained in the Old City that was really OLD, was the mindset of having 4 different Quarters Separating the Religions.  THAT is old school.  I guess these people still haven't learned that My God is chilling with your GOD and they are laughing at us trying to retain the values of the OLD.  The city is gorgeous, full of power and Jerusalem Stone....OH Jerusalem Stone!!  I just love it.  

On a funny note.  I was not aloud to bring my guitar to the Wailing Wall or inside the Tomb of Jesus, but, smoking was aloud in and outside of these areas.  I did manage to get the guitar inside and do some singing of "What are we fighting For!"  And then an intense man in a black cloak aggressively stopped me!!   Fun Times!  I have also been told that you can pay to carry a cross on your back and walk the supposed "Jesus Walk!"  MY GOD!!!  HE must be smiling a the mere thought of it.  What a funny world we live in.  I look forward to a return visit in the near future.  I think I have just scratched the surface here now.....more to come!!!

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