Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Dead....SEA - A POEM

Opened like a vessel
here I am standing in front
with each passing breath she is vanishing
or has she vanished
am I vanished
ecstatic I scurry and squander
like a candle
I flicker
floating stiff
yoga poses
song composition
Dead in position
alive in exhibition
She calls me twice
burning, melting
my face has vanished in her scent
all that remains is a smile
and a song

"Heavenly Father"

"Today i walked across the sea
saw and angel
flew high
and cured a disease,
well, why are miracles so hard to believe
when it's only miracles that I see..."

in the hour of death
she lives on
energetic capsule
of emptiness
now I am sure
that there is life
in everything tangible

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