Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Restoring the Balance of Nature!!

This was inspired by a beautiful young soldier woman on the way to Sinai, Egypt. Just imagine coming out of a deep rest to see a beautiful woman staring deeply into your eyes. The catch is that she is in a full army suit and has a AK 47 on her hip that is pointing straight at your jewels....the following is what came through......

How many times in life can you open your eyes from a restful sleep to find a brown eyed angel staring deep into your soul with the softness of a feather, a smile of sensuality embracing me saying, "Come to me and strip me of this suit of binding conformity. Caress my womanly body and honor the silky soft skin that lies beneath these army rags. Pull the gun from my grasps leaving me naked and take me into your arms, making love to me deeply, honoring my feminine power as I peacefully soften into your penetration. Love me so profound that the binds of society fall beneath us and worship our freedom and we are left as lovers intertwined rising and spiraling into the sky, free to express our love and desire, capable of embracing our nature. I fearlessly become feminine and your masculinity protects and guides me into pure exstacy. I am ALIVE again!! I am a WOMAN and you a MAN and today we have restored the balance of nature!!"

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