Thursday, June 25, 2009

Israeli Pedestrians - OUT OF THE FLOW!

So, I am not much in for the Compare and Contrast in LIfe but I had to make a small mention on this one. The last few days I have been on the bike roaming around through the streets and ways, going here and there and everywhere, noticing a very simple fact. When I would bike,walk, motorcycle down the street in India, the people would intuitively pick a direction and move in that direction, never having the slightest hesitation on the direction they choose, thus allowing a natural flow of movement to happen in the passing. Here, In Israel, in almost every instance, I find the person in front of me making a hesitation or multiple decisions and actually working against the flow of the passing, and, in most cases I end up having to stop as they walk directly into the path that I chose even before they started wobbling back and forth. Just a funny little observation that I enjoyed. Probably a difference in mindset and confidence. In India, decisions happen instantly with little o no hesitation, coming from the space of the heart. In Western Cultures, even the smallest decisions are pondered over and over again!! FUN TIMES.

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