Sunday, May 31, 2009

Performing in Israel - Nothing Compares

I am blown away!!! My heart is wide open!!!! There is love in every moment in this beloved land. Ask me 1 year ago, I would have told you that Israel was going to be the last place that I would venture to in this world. Ask me now, I would have to say that it is becoming my favorite place on this globe, just behind California....Believe it or not! You have to come to know. And, truthfully, up to this day, it is my favorite place to perform, or share really. Tonight, may 31st, was complete magic, musical venturing at it's finest.

Over the past week I have spent my days in and out of Open Mics, Coffee Shops, Beaches and festivals mingling with the local people and enjoying the vibrations of love that resonate in the air here. In that short week I managed to put together a 4 piece band, that turned into a 12 piece orchestra of Divine Creation, which turned into a 60-70 piece offering when you include the crowd, singing in harmony with half the songs. I just love Playing music here!! I scream it to the universe!!. The crowds are as receptive as ever, awaiting musical offerings like exquisite cuisine. The response is filled with rhythmic clapping, singing, dancing and ear to ear smiles. Now, I know as a person I have changed in many ways, but this is an all out celebration of life every time that I take the stage. I played 4 shows last week in Tel Aviv and, to be honest, they would all be placed in the top 10 shows that I have ever played in my life, and definitely hold the top slot in Open mics. Such a deep love for artistic creation, a profound connection to the rhythms of life, Israel is sinking deep into my soul. THis band of greats that I played with tonight, how do you walk away from something like this? Only time will tell, but, I must admit, the music that poured out of each and every one of us tonight has the power to move oceans of beings into the loving space of pure joy!!!! To all that were guided and arrived in the space, you know what I am speaking of and for all those that felt it glow from a far, I love you all and look forward to the day when this music that is coming through takes its place in your heart and soul.

Come Together right now!!

Yes We can!!

I am in love with this high vibrational culture, but, please, STOP SMOKING, it really messes with the Vocals you know!! LOVE and GRATITUDE!

WE ARE THE CHANGE - shay anakhnu ha shi nuiy (heb)

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