Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rising in Love - hmmmmmm

This is one topic that I have been talking about for a long time. Falling and Rising in love. IN my mind I associated falling as a negative as well and it takes a great seer like this to spin the wheels of the mind like this and assure me there is no Absolute way to see things. The "I Don't Know" it the best way to see it, non-ignorant, but like a child.......enjoy!!

One Swami was giving a lecture. “ Don’t fall in love , rise in love .”

And everyone clapped. At that moment, in that context, even I did. It made sense for that moment, and the point Swamiji wanted to make, was made.

What people don’t realize is that words can be twisted and manipulated to get across your point of view.
In the above case, falling in love gets a negative connotation. But actually that is not the case. It is , on the contrary, positive . It can be compared to falling asleep or falling into meditation . Are they negative ? No. All it indicates is that it just happened w/o any effort on your part. In fact, in such cases, effort itself is a barrier. If you put effort in trying to sleep, you won’t get sleep.

And how did this phrase originate ?
Believe it or not, from the gravitational force of the earth. How ?
Objects fall freely, w/o any effort, due to the gravitational pull of the earth. So falling in love , or falling asleep indicates that there was no effort exerted by you. In fact you were not in control at all. The laws of nature were at work.
The ‘falling’ that Swamiji was actually referring to , in a negative way, was ‘falling down’.

I hope you got my point of view.
Or did I twist the words and manipulate you ?

I LOVE THAT LAST LINE. the mind, manipulation.....can it be done in an i don't know state...hmmmm

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