Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I Love About India - #350

Well, do not tell anyone, but I have been driving my motorcycle around illegally for the last two years out here in India, and, now that I am in Mumbai, people are telling me that I must be VERY CAREFUL so that I do not get in trouble with the law while doing so. India is all about Freedom really, It is the most amazing thing to know that with a smile and an open heart India will allow you the freedom to continue on with that smile, as long as you are sharing that will others. So, back to the story....The other day I was in town and I had parked my bike in a tow away place and actually got towed to the yard. So, my initial thought was that my bike is not gone, for sure. No License, No Registration, No Insurance. In America, well, In America, you will pay your life away and loose your license for this kind of action. What to do! So, when I showed up at the Towing Yard I just had to smile, knowing that there was nothing that I can do in this situation. I literally came up to the man shaking my head gently in the INdian Nod, asking, WHAT TO DO! He met my smile with an equal and compassionate embrace, half laughing as he is getting to the bottom of my lack of Credentials and essentials for the Bearaucracy. Our conversation went on with him mentioning to me that I would have to pay a big fine and he did not want to charge me all that money. He knew that I did not have the proper papers but he was on my side, and this is not the only time this has happened in this country. He worked with me to find a way to release my bike for the lowest possible amount and although I paid more then most, probably, an equivalent of about $18 for all of my illegal ways, I was still send off with a huge heart and a top it off, he even chased me down on my way out and gave me another 100 RS back!! Amazing!!! We hugged each other in a smile and I went on happily down the road, free, knowing that In this country, You can live without all the the government nonsense, you just may have to pay a little bit from time to time to keep the dogs off your back. Like a true Sicilian!! Love it!!

One more side note. IN India, the best way to make sure a policeman does not find you suspicious, SMILE AT HIM SO DEEPLY THAT HIS FEAR TURNS TO LOVE. SMILE BEFORE HE CAN EVEN CONJURE UP THE THOUGHT!! WORKS EVERY TIME!!

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