Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, as for the catch phrase of the TIME IS NOW, I received a amazing leap in personal and business capacity this weekend at the Daniel Pearl Tribute Concert in Goa. From the time that I reached Goa, I was in an constant dashing from one media related item to the next.

1. The first was a 3 hour radio show at Radio Mirchi, Goa's Top Radio Station. For 3 hours the RJ an I ripped through 10 or so 2 minute sessions to get the public interest in the show and the music for the next day. We gave away CD's on the air, sang bits and pieces of songs and gracefully moved through all of the faucets of the music and the life. On one interesting note, the Radio Disc Jockey has become so computerized! He actually did not have much control over anything that was going on as it was some high tech playlist software that controlled the musical playlist, news an commercial. He did manage to cut one song in order to squeeze in another segment for us, got to love that Pankaj, we vibed right from the start!! Was a blast!!

2. Next was the press conference just before the show!! I was invited into an small ampitheater in which I was met with about 30 blank stares and was asked to discuss my life, my music and my mission in this game of it all. So, I did just that and was met with a few loving smiles and an occasional full on interest, but most of it was like talking to a brick wall with eyes. I was told the Goan Media can be shy, but this was halarious, really, got me wondering what the show was going to be like!! click here to read about the show. The best part of the press conference happened at the very end when Nikhil, a Anchor for an local news channel, walked in and sat me down for an interview. He was a casual hipster with a of spunk and was naturally confident in his peristance with me in getting me to do an interview. I was all for it. More on it later.

3. The next was the onslaught of Newspaper articles that we had to go through prior and post the show. From the misleading captions and mis-qoutes to the fantastic show review in the N..... Times (See article Here), I got a chance to see a colorful array of promotion and praise for the event. So much fun to see your picture on the front page of the paper next to OBAMA (See Front Page Here), and your picture is actually BIGGER, HMMMMM. Fun times!

4. The next was an empowerment workshop that I gave to just over a dozen of interested faculty and students from the College itself. We worked through the fear driven mind and focused on achieving our dreams. Each person got a chance to share there own unique dream and the steps that they will take in order to make that dream a reality. So much of the time we get lost in the dreaming and not in the steps that it will take to see that dream manifest in our lives. We also did an acted out version of Brave New World!! fun times!!

5. Last was the TV show that Nikhil is going to air on Prudent Network in Goa. This was my favorite. Basically, the set was like an living room, and the crafty news anchor and myself ran through an full scale emotional ride of sharing during our 30 minute segment. He will be airing footage from the show as well as plugging the website during the show which will air in two weeks in Goa. We should have the footage coming up soon!

In all is was an Media and Musical inspired weekend. I was actually completely unaware of all the attention that the show was going to get, but, was completely grateful for all the wonderful exposure and a chance to share our vision of Brave New World with people from all across Goa. I feel this weekend was a mere taste and look at the upcoming year as the music and message began to blossom and flourish all over the world. As for a personal critique on myself, I was extremely proud! I met all circumstances with confidence and sponteniety, willing to share completely and to give the music from the deepest place in my soul. Nervousness of the past was met with excitement to share and that I did, completely in every single circumstance. THE TIME IS NOW and I AM GIVING, EVERY MOMENT!!

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