Friday, October 16, 2009

How to live off 1000RS for a week in Mumbai

The funniest part about this time that we are experiencing right now in Mumbai, is that there is no Fear attached to the little amount of funds that we have. We get up everyday, work as hard (smart) as we can (on ourselves and in the physical world) and create an infinite stream of opportunities in every moment! Failure, loathing, they just have such little value these days, if any. We know we are taken care of, we know the money is coming in, we know the Album is going to be made, we know that we will continue to support service projects and we know that we are ALIVE, smiling as much as possible, celebrating the moments, enjoying the times. When it al comes down to it, that is the only REAL thing that we can do and even in the most ungodly circumstances, we still have the power to make the choice to FEEL FREEDOM!! I saw an amazing You TUBE video called Everthing is OK ( a must see!! These guys are really doing it, going out and expressing the choice we have to be our best, to love all and to live high!! Gives me amazing pleasure to see these guys giving it like this!! Just amazing!!!

So, how to live on 1000 RS for a week in Mumbai? That is the question? Well, first of all, stay with a friend or have someone take you in, because it is not possible otherwise, well, anything is possible, but you would just have to sleep outside in a park or something, not a bad option....hmmmm. What you do is locate the great village Dabha, the one that is serving the 10RS Dal, 10RS Rice, 2RS Roti and you make a home there. Even in the most expensive parts of Mumbai, The village still exists, let your heart lead you to the best one! Actually, living like this, buying some tomatoes and bananas and having your chawanprash, your all good to go. Full balances and alive and ticking smooth. It has actual been quite a fun journey having so little cash over the past week, getting excited when we raise enough money to get a train ticket back from Goa, finding joy in the little hurdles that we are jumping over daily. The sad/happy part of it is that I know this will be the last time that this happens in this lifetime. It is a pattern of lack that I have held onto for many years and finally being in the place of emptiness has shifted me straight into abundant thinking and giving which I know will carry us into heaps of abundance that will be shared all over the World. And, Brave New World is going to be huge, really, it already is!! so, that is going to bring alot in. So, in these last moments of counting pennies, looking at the right side of the menu, putting off small purchases such as brooms and dustpans, and living in that small tinge of worry, I must say, it is a completely enlightening experience to know that we are always taken care of....So MUCH FUN, but not for everyone!! heheh

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