Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mumbai Day To Day TODAY - OCTOBER 5th

Wake up at 8AM and run to the market to get blank CD's

Burn off 10 CD's for the Consulate, Take A shower in-between and am out the door by 10 am

10:15 - Stop at printers to Print Invoice for Consulate

10:30 - Get on train from Bandra to Dardar

10;45 - Change Trains and go Dardar to Vidya Vihar

11:00 - Get down and run to K.J. Somaya college of Engineering to meet with Professor whom is translating Brave New World into HINDI!!!!

11:10 - Recharge Phone

11:30 - Meet Professor and work the song

13:00 - Have amazing conversation over lunch

14:00 - Leave KJ Somaya

14:15 - Board train from Vidya Vihar to CST

15:00 - Reach CST

15:10 - Wait in Line to Get Foriegn Tourist Tickets for train to Goa

15:40 - Get tickets

15;45 - Walk to Metro Cinema

16:00 - Decide to see a movie

16:10 - Got to Frutados to Buy something for Guitar - They do not have

16:40 - Movie begins and I come to find out it is the New Tarantino Movie!! Nice!!

19:40 - Movie Ends - Not his best, but, amazing Characters!!! WOW!!

20:00 - Walk to Musicians Mall In Charni Road

20:20 - Pass by my favorite restaraunt and find it closed!!

20;30 - Walk to Lamington Road - Do not find what I need

20:50 - Walk to bachalors for some food and home made Ice Cream

21:30 - Yummie Times!

22:00 - Board Train at Charni Road

22:10 - Have to get down at Mumbai Central because the train died

22:20 - Board Train to Bandra

22:40 - Arrive in Bandra and decide to Walk to Bandstand

23:00 - Reach Home

THIS MY DEAR FRIENDS IS AN BELOW AVERAGE DAY OF ACTIVITY FOR THIS CHAP!! I LOVE THIS CITY!! I COULD EXPLORE IT EVERYDAY!! SO MUCH FUN. Getting smooshed on the trains, becoming stronger and stronger and getting the out side space on the car. Walking slow and smooth. Smiling bright at each and every person. Enjoying the heart guided flow. An india Day is like no other, it is an experience. And, even after 2 years, It still feels like the first time I am seeing it!! What a gift!

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