Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Down to Business!

Well, the time has come to begin the process of making big decisions and commitments in the upsurge of the demand for this particular offering to the world. It is the most exciting and most fearful time of my life, letting go of the control that I have been so accustomed to in the past, as I was the only person doing all of the Work for Full Moon Rising. Now there help, lots of it!!, something that I have wanted for years and has finally come to manifestation, and I am scared shitless of letting go. I want to have my eyes and ears on every deal, every movement and I am constantly spinning in circles about decisions and future possibilities. The place where I find the most peace is always in my heart. Really, my mind can fuss and drag on about the most trivial of all possible decisions and ventures, but when I come into that still place of the heart, all my decisions are made for themselves and I am free to draw lines and boundaries of protection around myself that allow for even great freedom through the expression of written word. I have come to find all the business so very interesting. I place in which we go into an understanding, not to take from each other, but to insure the happiness of all involved at all times. To insure the growth of the project and the intention behind it. I know that there is more to think about and ponder right now then ever before, so, again, I go to the heart and check in with the great wheel of creation guiding the journey. I will sleep knowing the my decisions will benefit the whole of all involved and move us all toward a greater world, but still, it is that loss of control that is ferocious. But, like I say many times now a days, THE TIME IS NOW! There is no way for anything to grow on my own, The arms legs and multiple heads that will continue to blossom this profound music project are all coming to the surface and by conduction clean and clear Business Stratagies, we can all rest assured that all of our interests, collectively and individually are in the highest of order! Let's see how it all plays out, I am just scratching the surface for now!!

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