Sunday, October 4, 2009

One in the Rain

Most days I find more water coming out of me then going in, even with an 4 Litre Intake! My guitar strings are dead almost instantly after the time that I change them. Food dies on the way to my mouth. It is hot, sticky and in the Masala filled air, there is a sense of suffocation that persists in your day to day in Mumbai. But, then, like a angelic lover's kiss, the soft caress of Rain gently nudges the temperature to perfection of human condition and we continue on our day, wet and soggy but grateful that the great grandmother nature is still sweet enough to bless Great Mother India with her sweet nectar of cool Rain. I could just spend days walking in it...Wouldn't that be amazing if we could spend our lives naked in the cool rains of change, only lusting after a kiss of the sky, walking by and by catching eyes but focusing our energy on the healing up high, watching peacefully as we ascend farther and farther away from the great lie of "I" ....

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