Tuesday, December 15, 2009



IN REALITY THERE are not many problems. The problems people talk about -- like in the World Commission report "Our Common Future" -- are just by-products; they are only offshoots. And there is no way to remove them. You can cut them, but that is only a temporary measure. Even cutting them will be difficult, because the whole orthodox mind will be against the action.

Only two things are needed. A world government is an absolute, urgent necessity, and we need a world academy of sciences solely devoted to creativity. No scientist should be allowed to make anything destructive.

Now is a great moment. Now we can manage to have one world.

This crisis is a golden crisis, because people only change under great stress.

If a crisis is tolerable, people will tolerate it. But we are now at a point where things are no longer tolerable. There is no more time for commissions and their reports.

The problems are very simple. They just have to be made clearly available to the whole of humanity: these problems are your creation and you are still creating them. Just a great awareness has to be spread that we are still supporting these problems, so that everybody can understand that we have to withdraw our support and take some practical steps. For example, if someone wants to be a world citizen, the U.N. should give a world citizen passport so the person is no longer connected to any nation. These are just small steps, but they can immediately become large steps. They will create an atmosphere.

Realize the responsibility: Man has never faced a greater responsibility before, a responsibility to renounce the whole past, to erase it from your being.

This earth can be a splendor, a magic, a miracle. Our hands have that touch -- it is just that we have never tried it. Man has never given a chance to his own potential to grow, to blossom, to bring fulfillment and contentment.

The future should not be just a hope and an opportunity -- those are terrible words. The future should be absolutely ours. We have lived with the idea of a golden past, but it was never golden. Now we can create a future which is really golden.

So I say: the new man is the greatest revolution that has ever happened in the world. And since we know the old world and its miseries, we can avoid all those miseries; we can avoid all those jealousies, all those seriousnesses, all those angers, all those wars, all those destructive tendencies.

The new man means that we are no longer going to allow anybody to sacrifice us for any beautiful name. We are going to live our lives, not according to ideals but according to our own longings, our own passionate intuitions. And we are going to live moment to moment; we are no longer going to be fooled by "tomorrow," and promises for tomorrow.

The new man is not an improvement upon the old; he is not a continuous phenomenon, not a refinement.

The new man is the birth of an absolutely fresh man -- unconditioned, without any nation, without any religion, without any discrimination between man and woman, black and white, East and West, or North and South.

The new man is going to be the very salt of the earth, concerned about how to increase the joys of life, the pleasures of life -- more creativity, more beauty, more humanity, more compassion.

We can go through a total transformation: we can create innocent people, loving people, people who breathe in freedom, people who help each other to be free, who are nourishment for each other's creativity and for everybody to be dignified, to be respected.
The new man is the manifesto of a new humanity, one humanity.

This is a great and fortunate moment -- to be in this challenging situation. It is not a situation that is going to destroy the earth, but only the churches and the politicians and those who hold onto the past.

There is no need to worry about the future. Science has arrived on the scene in time to accept the challenge.

It is a golden opportunity, because if the whole of humanity becomes aware of the roots of the problems, then the solutions are actually very simple.

Osho Vision

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