Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes We Can, When We Believe!!

Last Weekend I decided to go to Bangalore and join in the Navaratri Celebrations with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Other 30,000 Plus that filled the wide open space in love and devotion to the Master. There were a few reasons that I went down to the Ashram, one being clarity of mind and a break from the chaos of Mumbai Life and another was to share Brave New World with the high vibrational light that existed in air during this profound and auspicious time. To sum this up and make it short, there came a point, after my voice was beginning to come back and my I felt ready to share, that I ended up sharing with a friend about my intention to share this song with the masses. His sarcasm filled response, could have, in the past, left me feeling defeated and focused on the what if or maybe not's of my mission, but, in this circumstance, I decided to stay rooted in the confidence, and cultivate an even greater power into the allowance of the possibility. I was not clear of how the situation would happen or as to how I would even go about doing such a thing, but, I believed the opportune moment would come and I was completely open to receiving the moment, and, I DID!! While I was walking away from the Mess Hall, just moments after I received the comment from a friend, I saw Shrinivas, the main vocalist for the Satsang Group. We connect eyes and hearts and shared in our missings of one another. Amazing man he is!! Voice of POWER!! Anyways, he almost instantly suggested that I come and sit next to him on the stage tonight and sing something for the believe Faith and knowing attract anything we desire, if my intention is aligned!! Just say it!! heheh!

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